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Added Features Improve Submersible Pumps

Multiquip's ST-2037, ST-2040T and ST-2047 are portable 2-inch submersible pumps designed for removing water from confined areas. They can be used for construction and utility jobs, as well as multiple municipality and homeowner applications. The pumps can be used to remove water from well casings, construction sites, cofferdams and excavations. The ST-2037 has a maximum flow of 73 gallons per minute, while the ST-2040T pumps 79 gpm and the ST-2047 pumps up to 87 gpm.

All three pumps have many new features, including double mechanical oil-filled seals for improved reliability, neoprene rubber impellers and internal pump casings, and neoprene impeller nuts over cast iron for improved wear ability. The pumps also have lower running lamps for reduced operating costs.

Standard features on all three models include automatic thermo-overload protectors, die cast aluminum casing covers, stainless-steel hardware, and carrying handles. The pumps weigh from 31 to 34 pounds for convenience and mobility on the job. One-hp engines drive each submersible pump.

Steven Spence, product manager for Multiquip, says that the pumps get much longer wear and customers get more value for the money.

“We've been able to maintain pricing. We've been able to add more features for about the same amount of money,” Spence says.

Verified by Steven Spence, product manager for Multiquip.

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Weight: 31 to 34 pounds
Gallons per minute: maximums of 73 to 87
Horsepower: 1

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