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Accessible Stump Grinder is a Cut Above

Accessible Stump Grinder is a Cut Above

The model 2100 self-propelled stump grinder from Bandit Industries features a 2-speed drive system that allows operators to quickly reach a stump, yet moves slowly enough to travel over rough and uneven terrain. For those operating in wet and muddy conditions, the 2100 can be set up for 4-wheel drive. Optional dual tires also provide stability and flotation when traveling over rough terrain.

This rugged, lightweight unit has engine options that range from 25 to 35 hp and comes in either gas or diesel. The 2100 features a 21-inch diameter cutter wheel with 20 carbide teeth. Other available features for the 2100 include a radio remote control with tether backup that allows the unit to be controlled from a remote location.

“Narrow enough to fit through a 36-inch gate, the Bandit 2100 stump grinder goes virtually anywhere, and now with a 35-hp Briggs & Stratton engine, disposes of stumps quicker and more efficiently than before,” says Ray Eluskie, marketing manager for Bandit Industries. “A custom trailer is also available for the 2100, equipped with a mesh screen drop-down ramp and a pinning device that secures the front of the grinder to the trailer.”

Verified by Ray Eluskie, marketing manager for Bandit Industries.
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Weight: 1,500 to 1,800 pounds

Cutting depth: 12¾ inches

Fuel tank capacity: 19.5 gallons

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