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Product of the Week - Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower

Product of the Week - Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower

The Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower uses four 230 W LED light panels designed for 50,000 hours of service life. The unit is driven by a Champion gas engine coupled with a 3.5 kW inverter generator.

Engineered for low fuel consumption, the RL4 offers variable speed performance that matches the unit’s output to the required load. It is EPA/CARB compliant and equipped with wireless start capabilities.

Equipped with a 17.5-gallon fuel tank, users will get approximately 80 hours of run time per tank. Power output includes 2kW of convenience power, enough to run up to three units at one time from a single engine and two additional units on stand-by. It can run tools and accessories and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet for emissions-free operation.

The unit uses a 23.3-foot extended-height tower with 359 degrees of non-continuous rotation.

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