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2006 RER Innovative Product Award

Category Winner

Toucan Model E33MJ

The Toucan E33MJ from JLG provides rental opportunities to customers who need overhead access with extended reach to confined areas such as those frequently found inside factories and warehouses where reaching jobs requires maneuvering through confined areas and over ground level obstructions. It features a 32-foot, 9-inch platform height with a telescoping jib boom that extends the platform up to 14 feet, 6 inches horizontally away from the mast. The mast rotates 360 degrees and has a 500-pound platform capacity in all configurations. It has 20 percent gradeability with non-marking lugged tires for inside and outside operation on improved surfaces, a 55-ampere charger, 930 amp-hour batteries and a 110-V AC receptacle in the platform.

S-60HC telescopic boom

Genie’s new S-60HC telescopic boom is designed to deliver the highest load capacities in the industry. The closest competitive unit (called ‘dual capacity’) offers 500 pounds unrestricted and 1,000 pounds restricted range of motion. The 3-person platform on Genie’s new S-60HC is rated for 750 pounds, 50-percent more capacity throughout the entire operating envelope. It also supports platform loads up to 1,250 pounds — 25-percent more load capacity — in the maximum capacity zone at 40 feet, 8 inches. The S-60HC features envelope control through sensors that automatically limit the range of motion based on the load in the platform for safe and productive operation.

SJ 6832 RT

The new SJ 6832 RT rough-terrain model is designed to offer rugged, robust and reliable scissorlift performance. Standard features include an easy-to-use 5-foot rollout extension deck for increased platform space and improved reach capabilities. The 6832RT is the only compact RT that is drivable at full height with the rollout deck fully extended, resulting in increased productivity, the company says. Two lift cylinders help provide a rigid and comfortable feel, while also maintaining a low stowed height for transporting. Components on the 6832RT are as accessible as they are on bigger rough-terrain models. A full 90-degree swing-out engine tray and tilt-out hydraulic manifold allow full and easy access when servicing. The new RT is controlled with Skyjack’s universal control box with the operator key conveniently located on the base of the machine; the key is removable once the desired setting is selected.

SJ 45T boom lift

Skyjack’s new SJ 40T and SJ 45T telescopic boom lifts are designed with quality, durability and serviceability in mind. The first thing people will notice is the aggressive design and powerful stance of the SJ 40T and SJ 45T, a look that is carried throughout the telescopic boom lift model lineup. Swing-up cowlings offer unrestricted compartment access and a swing-out engine tray allows for quick maintenance inspection. All Skyjack boom lifts are equipped with continuous drive and steer directional sensing, a feature that automatically adjusts the control inputs based on the operator orientation relative to the base. Other standard features include oscillating axles, drivable at full height, 360-degree continuous turret rotation and up to 180-degree platform rotation. The SJ 45T model includes a 5-foot hydraulic jib.

HA 130 JRT

The HA 130 JRT 130-foot articulating boom from Haulotte Group is designed to use its high articulation point of 58 feet, 3 inches, to negotiate around obstacles, and to use the boom articulations design to come back down without using the arm. The HA 130 JRT also features a maximum 63-foot horizontal outreach; standard 4-wheel drive and steer; extending and oscillating axles; and continuous outreach control. It also offers a hydraulic differential lock and 15-inch ground clearance for improved rough-terrain capability. Full proportional controls and simultaneous boom functions improve functionality. Working area is improved via a positive/negative movement articulated fly jib with 140-degree arc of movement.

HB 135 JRT

Haulotte Group’s new HB 135 JRT 135-foot telescopic boom features a maximum 65-foot, 7-inch horizontal outreach, gradeability up to 40 percent and 180-degree hydraulic platform rotation. Other features include continuous optimum movement management, new platform load controller, a 4-degree tilt alarm allowable in all positions, hydraulic platform compensation, and stability management in all positions for more comfort. The HB 135 JRT is also designed with fully proportional, simultaneous controls for more accuracy and smoothness in movement. Four-wheel drive and steer, and extending and oscillating axles are also standard features on the HB 135 JRT.

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