Generators/Welders Category Winner

Generators/Welders Category Winner

Generators/Welders Category Winner

Ingersoll Rand L20 light tower/generator

Doosan Infracore Portable Power

Key Innovation: Optional AutoLamp photocell to control lighting from dusk to dawn.

The Ingersoll Rand L20 combination light tower and mobile generator provides a single solution for two important jobsite needs — power and light. The L20 is designed for mining, oil and gas exploration, and a multitude of other environments where there is no reliable power source present. The L20’s lighting system consists of four, 1,000-watt metal halide lamps. The 20-kilowatt generator powers the lighting system and delivers up to 63 amps at 240 volts and 126 amps at 120 volts. The optional AutoLamp uses a built-in photocell to automatically engage the lighting system from dusk until dawn, or until the system’s user-programmable timer shuts off. The AutoLamp feature ensures the lighting system operates only when needed, increasing the lamp life and as much as an 18-percent increase in fuel efficiency.

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