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680GC RentMAX package

ICS Blount

The RentMAX gas-powered concrete chain saw package from ICS consists of the new 680GC 80cc gas saw paired with the new RentMAX diamond chain. The RentMAX chain is the lowest-priced chain ever offered by ICS and is aimed at the rental market. Incorporating the patented Seal Pro technology to reduce stretch, and therefore tension adjustments, the new chain also has double bumpers, eliminating the possibility of backward installation. The 680GC saw includes features that make it a good fit for the rental market, including increased airflow and a computerized ignition system that together reduce engine operating temperature by 100 degrees. Altitude-friendly carburetion, stronger starter components, and a decompression valve have also been incorporated. Available with a 12- or 14-inch bar, the 680GC offers unique advantages, including the ability to cut square openings as small as 4 inches with no overcuts, as well as plunge cuts as deep as 14 inches.

Bolt-on Rock Head (BoRH)


Pengo introduces the Bolt-on Rock Head (BoRH), which transforms the general purpose Aggressor into a rock-ready auger. The BoRH’s innovative wear caps provide a smooth transition and protection when fastened to the general purpose head. The BoRH locks into place using the wear caps and existing pilot bit. The wear caps' lugs interface with the existing recesses in the Aggressor head, which allow for unobstructed removal of spoils from the hole. The BoRH features the new P21-RR carbide tooth. This tooth has an enlarged shoulder that increases holder protection during drilling.

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