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Serious Labs to Show its New Extended Reality VR Platform at Bauma

Serious Labs to Show its New Extended Reality VR Platform at Bauma

Serious Labs, the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-based creator of virtual reality training solutions, will provide a sneak peak of its latest emerging technology product Serious:XR at the Bauma Trade Fair in Munich, Germany. Serious Labs will offer demos of the new XR platform, as well as its Mobile Elevated Work Platform VR training simulator and Overhead Crane VR training simulator.

The company will be displaying at Stand 7 C2:226 in Bauma’s Canadian Pavilion.

The new Extended Reality (XR) collaborative worksite platform is designed to train and assess remote workers for plant, industrial and other types of worksite operations. The Serious:XR platform allows trainees to conduct practical and emergency operations in a safe environment, while building and assessing employee safety, efficiency and proficiency.

“Safety and competency are crucial for any worksite, but logistics, time and resources often make training a challenge,” said Wade Carson, director of business development, Serious Labs. “Collaborative VR training overcomes the obstacles of assessing practical, hands-on experience for today’s global workforce.”

The XR platform allows multiple users to collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world with other team members, trainers, and subject matter experts in a simulated virtual environment. By using a VR kit that includes a corded headset, gaming laptop and Internet connection, the user is immersed in a virtual world.

“Serious:XR removes physical boundaries,” said Carson. “It doesn’t matter if you are in Milan or Minsk, you can be in the same digital environment and collaborate in a shared virtual workspace.”

Serious Labs’ extensive team of VR designers have created customizable “modeled environments” training modules for jobsites in a variety of industries including construction, energy, plant facilities and utilities. Trainees and instructors can communicate, interact and certify in the collaborative VR environment. Experiential learning has been shown to lead to greater comprehension and retention, and the safe training environment allows the user to learn from mistakes without risk of injury or damage.

“The environment is so real-looking that you forget it isn’t real,” said Carson. “Because you can immerse yourself that way, the virtual platform offers directly transferrable practical experience. In essence, you learn by doing.”

Serious Labs has already customized XR training modules for Michigan-based Dow Chemical Co. “We worked with Serious Labs to develop training so operators can go into a VR environment and isolate valves, MCCs, open bleeds and tag out pieces of equipment,” said Ingrid Montpetit, AB Ops learning leader, Dow. “They also offer VR simulators which we plan to use in our base training and competency checks.”

Bauma selected Canada as its partner country this year for a special focus because of the recent free trade agreement CETA and big investors in infrastructure. Serious Labs was invited to attend the show by the Canadian government. The company will show Serious:XR for the first time in Bauma’s Canadian Pavilion. The Serious:XR platform will be available globally in the fourth quarter.

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