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Ramirent Extends and Expands Cooperation Agreement with Skanska Maskin

Ramirent Extends and Expands Cooperation Agreement with Skanska Maskin

Ramirent Sweden has expanded its cooperation agreement with Skanska Maskin, a Swedish construction company that also rents equipment to customers. The agreement gives both companies the possibility of offering additional products to their customers as well as products that can’t be found in their own inventories.

The cooperative agreement is for five years and includes an option to prolong the agreement. In conjunction with the agreement, Ramirent also is selling its stock of large tower cranes in Sweden to Skanska Maskin. The cranes will also be available for rent to Ramirent’s customers at market terms.

“We are very happy that Skanska Maskin has chosen to expand and prolong its agreement with Ramirent in Sweden,” said Magnus Rosen, president and CEO of Ramirent Group. “Our cooperation started in Sweden in 2014 and has now further deepened. With this expanded agreement, we can provide a higher level of service and meet our customers’ needs without having to compromise on quality or safety.”

“With this cooperation, we want to secure flexible access to equipment and increase efficiency in our construction projects,” said Henrik Johansson, managing director of Skanska Maskin.

Ramirent, based in Vantaa, near Helsinki, Finland, has operations in 10 countries and is one of the largest equipment rental companies in Sweden.

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