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Shop at a Nationwide Platforms branch now part of Loxam
Shop at a Nationwide Platforms branch, now part of Loxam.

Europe’s Loxam Posts 40-Percent Revenue Increase in 2017

Loxam, Europe’s largest rental company, reported €1.368 billion in 2017 revenue, (about U.S. $1.675 billion), a 40 percent increase compared to 2016. EBITDA rose from 33 percent of volume to 34 percent.

Loxam said 61 percent of its revenue was generated in France, with 46 percent coming from general rental and 15 percent coming from seven specialist units: Loxam Access, Loxam Power, Loxam Module, Loxam TP, Loxam Event, Loxam Laho Tec and Loxam City. The 39 percent of sales outside France included 32 percent in the European market and 7 percent outside of Europe.

In 2017, with an improving building and public works market, Loxam had more than 250,000 customers and owned an equipment fleet of 300,000 items, operating a network of 750 branches – through startups and acquisition – and 7,900 employees in 22 countries.

The Group expanded its footprint in 2017, with the acquisition of Nacanco in Italy marking its first entry into the Italian market. The network also grew with acquisitions of Swan Plant Hire in Ireland, Cramo’s Denmark operations, and Hune (Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Colombia). Loxam also acquired Nationwide Platforms in the U.K., DK Rental in Belgium, Lavendon’s network in France, and Rapid Access in the Middle East. Loxam said it now has the third largest powered access rental fleet in the world.

Loxam developed partnerships with major DIY retailers in Europe and opened new branches in Germany, Belguim, Spain and France.

The company also won a Customer Service of the Year Award in France in the Equipment Rental category from BVA Group.

Loxam has worked hard to improve its safety culture and has reduced workplace accidents by 30 percent during the past three years. Of the 50,000 hours of training delivered by Loxam in the past year, more than 9,000 hours were dedicated to risk prevention involving all areas of the business including the board level, regional directors and branch managers. Quarter hour security briefings are now organized every month in branches and workshops are adapted to continuously improve safety practices in workspaces. Loxam has kept up with certifications such as ISO 14001, MASE in France, VCA in the Netherlands, and OSHA standards. The company will display its “Safety, always and everywhere” logo in all the countries where it does business.

Loxam works on safety in its fleet with extra soundproofed gensets, anti-vibration pneumatic drills, and innovative accessories such as rear-view cameras, aggravating movement arresters and illuminated steps.

Powered access now makes up 43 percent of Loxam’s fleet compared with 25 percent in 2016. The company has a research and development department, BlueSky, based in the United Kingdom, designing, developing and manufacturing systems to improve safety.

Loxam established an online service accessible 24/7 called the MyLOXAM portal, allowing users to manage their rental contracts from a PC, smartphone or tablet, including reports on past rental contracts.

It also added a paperless invoicing system in 2017, sending out nearly 400,000 paperless invoices.

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