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Russian Rental Group to Present Second Conference in October

RusRental Research and Training Center and B2B-Rent are organizing the second annual national Russian Rental Conference to be held in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Speakers will include B2B-Rent and National Association of Renters of Construction Equipment president Nikita Krotkiy; Michel Petitjean of France, secretary-general of the European Rental Association; Lawrence Kaye, from the United States, director general of Script International; Michael Roth, editor-in-chief of RER; executives from the Russian Federal Savings Bank, and Finland-based Cramo and Ramirent, both of which are active in rental in Russia; Scott McCall of Utility Equipment Sales, from the U.K.; representatives from Komatsu, the Cat Rental Store, and others.

Topics will include: Trends and perspective of the construction and lifting equipment rental market in Russia and worldwide, and trends for the future; an analysis of the market research developed by the association; an investment analysis of the Russian construction and rental market; the launch of the Russian Rental Association; a seminar on rental company management, promotion and sales technologies; a presentation on the top 20 Russian rental companies, and a Russian Rental Awards ceremony.

For more information, visit: RER will be presenting more information on the conference and the Russian rental market in the coming weeks.

Click here for a visit with Nikita Krotkiy.

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