Innovative Product Awards: Operator Controls the Flow

June 8, 2022
Sullair's Mid-Range Series Tier 4 Final Air Compressor was this year's Innovative Product Awards winner in the "Compressor/Air Tools" category.

Operator Controls the Flow

Product Name: Mid-Range Series Tier 4 Final Air Compressor

Manufacturer: Sullair

Category: Compressors/Air Tools

Key Innovation: The Mid-Range Series Tier 4 Final portable air compressors incorporate Electronic Spiral Valve Technology, a first in Sullair portable compressors, helping to maximize fuel efficiency and extend runtimes by automatically matching air supply to demand. The Mid-Range Series is highly flexible and can cover the jobs of up to nine compressors and provides superior operation in cold weather and high-altitude environments.

Manufacturer’s Description: Cost of ownership remains a key factor for rental companies, which is why Sullair has developed its most flexible and efficient portable air compressor to date. The Mid-Range Series is engineered with Electronic Spiral Valve Technology to deliver higher efficiency, versatility and ease of use. With maximum rental utility in mind, the Mid-Range Series can cover the jobs of more than nine different compressors, allowing rental companies to consolidate their fleets and increase ROI and utilization rates. The Mid-Range Series features a 23-Series variable capacity air end with Electronic Spiral Valve Technology, which automatically matches air supply to demand, giving it best-in-class efficiency and extending jobsite run times. Up to 10 hours at full load, the series’ two offerings include the 800HH/900H model delivering 800–900 cfm at 150–200 psi and the 920H/1100 model delivering 920–1100 cfm at 100–150 psi.

These upgrades come in a compact design that is engineered with fewer parts to help decrease part wear and offer a long, 500-hour service interval. Customers have their choice of two diesel engine options: a Caterpillar 7.1L or Perkins 1206J. The smaller-sized engine reduces the compressor’s overall weight, making towing and maneuverability easier and minimizing environmental impacts. Convenience was top of mind with several user-friendly upgrades. With new renters or operators potentially every day, the state-of-the-art, full-color control panel is easy to use, even with work gloves on, and provides in-depth compressor information without burdening rental companies to provide training on how to use it. Additionally, multiple service doors provide easy access to filters, lubricant, and other essential components to maximize uptime, and sturdy push-to-close doors prevent unintended door closures to enhance operator safety. Finally, AirLinx remote monitoring, GPS tracking, and fleet management tools add security to protect their investment.

RER Commentary: With the new Sullair Mid-Range Series air compressor, Sullair makes excellent use of electronic spiral valve technology to allow for the l/d ration to be adjusted on the compressor. This technology allows operators to control flow outside of the air compressor and better match the supply of the air to the demand that’s being driven by the customer. The mid-range series helps the compressor to be utilized at a range of applications.

“With this compressor, we have what we call variable pressure technology, and it allows the compressor to be utilized at a range of applications,” says Jerel Cole, senior product manager for diesel and electric portable products at Sullair. “It allows the compressor to match the application. Historically, most suppliers need multiple compressors for a specific job. For example, if you’re doing abrasive blasting, you would utilize 150 psi. If you’re well drilling, you would utilize 200 psi. With this technology, a single compressor can be utilized in multiple applications. So, you have one compressor that can operate and function at many different pressures and flows to match the need of specific applications in the market.”

The unit’s uniqueness is in its versatility. “Historically, most compressors are either set up for a single pressure, so you purchase the machine and it’s set up for 100 psi or 150 psi. So that’s where this compressor shines, it can be utilized in a variety of applications. The operator has to enter in the pressure, which is unique. In most machines you have to adjust regulator valves and other mechanical components to adjust the pressure of the compressor. We’ve made it a lot simpler for the operator and it does not require a technician to set up. In the past a technician would have to go in and make adjustments inside the compressor with regulator valves and things like that. Now the operator can type in the pressure on the test screen and then the machine would control it to that pressure.”

Sullair has produced a wide variety of ranges of air compressors. “We had a model that produced 600 cfm at 150 psi,” Cole notes. “Another that could produce 750 cfm at 175 psi, and one that could produce 900 cfm at 150 psi. This compressor can operate at all those pressure ranges.”

Sullair’s own 23 series air end allows it to operate in harsh environments. Its electronic spiral valve technology makes it possible to take away the parasitic load in high-altitude and cold applications, facilitating starting in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees F to 125 degrees F, and at altitudes up to 12,000 feet.

Along with increased functionalities, the series has reduced the size of the compressor, now able to utilize a seven-liter engine compared to the nine-liter engine it utilized before.

“We have improved fuel efficiency, and easier towability because of its smaller size,” adds Cole.

Sullair didn’t forget about environmental concerns. “This machine has our condensate management system,” Cole says. “When air is compressed, one of the by-products is that you create liquid. So some condensate is discharged from the compressor and sometimes it has to be collected and managed. With this system we utilize waste heat from the engine to evaporate that condensate, so you no longer have to manage it downstream.”

As an option, the Sullair Mid-Range series compressor also has an optional AirLinx telematics system.