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Innovative Product Award Category Winner -- Material Handling -- JLG SkyTrak 3013

May 18, 2021
The SkyTrak 3013 ultra-compact telehandler is highly maneuverable because of its ultra-compact footprint of 4 feet 7 inches x 8 feet 9 inches and its rear pivot steer.

Category: Material Handling

Manufacturer: JLG Industries Inc.

Product Name: SkyTrak 3013

Key Innovation: The SkyTrak 3013 ultra-compact telehandler is highly maneuverable due to its ultra-compact footprint of 4 feet 7 inches x 8 feet 9 inches and its rear pivot steer.

Manufacturer’s description: The SkyTrak 3013 ultra-compact telehandler was purpose-built for use in small spaces requiring up-and-over reach such as landscaping, hardscaping, residential construction, and industrial work. This telehandler provides excellent reach into truck beds, trailers and over obstacles, as well as lifting and placing materials at heights up to 13 feet.

The SkyTrak 3013 weighs 5,280 pounds with a maximum load capacity of 2,700 pounds. Its compact 4 foot 7 inch x 8 foot 9 inch footprint and rear pivot steer make it highly maneuverable, while its light weight allows for transport by a standard pickup truck equipped with a tow-behind trailer.

In addition to its compact footprint, the SkyTrak 3013 features an optional hydraulic universal skid steer coupler, allowing the operator to change attachments and implements right from the cab of the machine and share attachments purchased for use on other equipment in a contractors’ fleet such as skid-steer loaders. Additionally, the new model features four-wheel drive, an oscillating rear axle for a smoother ride and a hydrostatic drive system, all supported by a Kubota V-1505 diesel, 24.8 horsepower engine.

RER interviews John Boehme, senior product manager: The SkyTrak was introduced in February 2020 and was one of the most talked about pieces of equipment at the American Rental Association show. Boehme recalls that the JLG staff was even surprised at how many people showed interest in the brand-new telehandler that was the size of a skid-steer loader and half the size of any of its other telehandlers. “Market share-wise, what’s been tracked by AEM, these small telehandlers are one of the faster-growing classes of equipment, the super-compact, ultra-compact capacity of telehandlers below 5,500 pounds,” says Boehme.

The size of a skid-steer loader, with the maneuverability to get into tight working spaces and still have 13 feet of reach and 2,700 pounds of lifting capacity, serves an important niche of small contractors popular in the rental industry.

“We were very aware of the market this machine serves, which is where we came up with the idea,’ Boehme says.

However, rather than manufacture its own, JLG chose to partner with Spanish manufacturer AUSA.

“It is developed with some of our flavor and our branding with the Skytrak brand,” Boehme notes. “But it was an existing machine, and we had a need there. The smallest machine we had prior was our G518A, an 11,000-pound or more machine, twice the size. So, we adopted the machine and made a few changes. We figured why reinvent the wheel when the wheel’s already been invented.”

“Whether it’s landscaping, or hardscaping, agriculture, loading and unloading trucks in urban and suburban environment, we pay a lot of attention to global megatrends,” says Boehme. “And urbanization is one and has been one and I assume will continue to be one. As things get tighter in urban and suburban worksites or businesses and it’s tight to maneuver you need something small, but you still have to get up in the air. I first thought about something like this when I was in Miami and there were people trying to unload a truck for a local business and the tractor-trailer pulled in and they had to block streets in both directions to be able to unload it. I thought it would be a good fit for a machine like this, it fits tight and has reach and can do things that otherwise you’d be stuck trying to do with different equipment. Also, it can work on grass, where a skid-steer loader might tear up the ground or the grass.

“If you’re looking for a solution that provides terrainability, lift, height and reach, and four-wheel drive, it works and is good on any terrain.”