Photo by Snorkel
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Innovative Product Award Honorable Mention – Snorkel’s S3019E

July 8, 2020

Another outstanding Honorable Mention in the RER Innovative Product Awards, one of the most innovative mobile elevating work platform products of the year, the Snorkel S3019E. 

Key Innovation: Sunken scissor stack --

The Snorkel S3019E self-propelled electric scissor lift features an industry-first design with a patented sunken scissor stack that stows entirely inside the chassis. With no hydraulic hoses and all-electric drive and steer, this revolutionary design is an innovation in safety and productivity.

Manufacturer’s description:

Entirely new to the production of construction-grade electric scissor lifts in North America, the Snorkel S3019E has no hydraulic hoses, all-electric drive and steer, and a low entrance height with a greater focus on safety benefits. 

The S3019E is the first scissor lift to be built with a sunken scissor stack, providing a low step-in height for easy access to the platform. Built with a solid single step that is fully attached to the chassis, operators can more easily load and unload tools and materials while reducing the risk of injury. Eliminating the gap between the ladder and the machine lessens the probability for operators to misstep or fall.

Another added benefit is greater productivity and efficiency on the job. A single step allows operators to enter and exit the platform in less time, reducing overall operator fatigue as well as allocating more time to the job.  

In addition, the S3019E is also designed to comply with the new ANSI/SIA A92.2X standards, which will increase the minimum requirement for handrail height from 39 in. to 43.3 in. (0.9m to 1.1m). Its low stowed height of just 69 in. (1.79m) can pass through doorways without the need for folding guardrails. 

The S3019E is equipped with both electric drive and electric steer and does not contain hydraulic hoses. This reduces the risk of hydraulic leaks, improves the duty cycle and allows the lift to be used in sensitive areas. Offering clean and quiet operation, the lead-acid, battery-powered unit also yields long-lasting performance. It is expected to deliver a gain of 50% or more in battery efficiency over conventional hydraulic units.

The unique design of the S3019E, coupled with a long battery life, means the lift can perform well in almost any application, and no hydraulic hoses or leak points deliver clean operations.