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Innovative Product Award Honorable Mention: Airman SDG13LAX Prime Power Portable Generator

July 2, 2020
Key Innovation: Capable of simultaneously outputting three-phase and single-phase power, no need to switch output settings.

Product Name: SDG13LAX

Manufacturer: Airman (Alliance North America)

Key Innovation: Capable of simultaneously outputting three-phase and single-phase power, no need to switch output settings.

Manufacturer’s Description: Airman’s compact SDG13LAX 12.5kVA/10kW prime power portable generator is capable of simultaneously outputting three-phase and single-phase power with no need to switch output settings. It provides 30 amps at three-phase 208V and 40 amps in single-phase 240V, with dedicated three-phase and single-phase terminal lug connections. Two 20 amperes 1Φ 120-volt duplex receptacles with GFCI protection and one 1Φ 240/120V twist lock receptacle are included. Auto-Start can be added to connect a two-wire auto-start connection. Configured with the industry’s best automatic voltage regulation (+/-0.5%), providing the widest range of voltage selection the Airman SDG13LAX generator out-performs in any environment.

This versatile generator is powered by a 3-cylinder Kubota D1503-M-E4 engine, with fast-start glow plugs for easy starting in low temperatures. It runs 27+ hours at full load and has an auxiliary fuel hook up that makes it simple to connect to an auxiliary fuel source for extended run times. A single lever two-way selection valve is provided for easy selection between inboard and auxiliary tanks.

Operating noise has been minimized to 61 db(A) at 23 feet, with a low noise engine equipped with a highly attenuated muffler and special exhaust system design. Combined super-silent inlet duct design further reduces the overall noise level. The exhaust system is mounted on a support structure which reduces vibration. The enclosure structure minimizes structural clearance and internal space, while the cat-ion electrodeposition coating (e-coat) provides weatherproofing, corrosion and salt pollution protection. Enclosure operators’ panel and access doors are lockable allowing safe unattended operation. 

Airman’s “Oil Fence” protects the environment from oil, fuel and coolant leakage with double wall steel fuel tanks with 110-percent fluid capacity containment. Automatic shutdowns offer protection from low oil pressure, over-crank, over-speed and high temperature conditions, and external service fluid drains simplify preventative maintenance service.

Airman is offered by ANA (Alliance North America).