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Ztr Data Brokerage

Innovative Product Award Honorable Mention: ZTR Control Systems’ Data Brokerage Service

June 24, 2020
The ZTR Data Brokerage Service creates a sharing economy among all IoT stakeholders.

(For those who might have missed it, we recently presented the top winners of RER’s annual Innovative Product Award. The Gold Award for 2019 went to Doosan Bobcat for the MAXControl iOS Remote Control for Bobcat Loaders. The Silver Award went to Point of Rental for its POR One app, in a close vote between second and third place. And the Bronze Award went to Reachmaster for its Jibbi 40BL- EVO. You can read the story here:

Now we present one of the top technology products of the year, ZTR Control Systems. 

Product: Data Brokerage Service

Manufacturer: ZTR Control Systems 

Key Innovation: Data brokerage service supporting the creation of a sharing economy among all IoT stakeholders.

Description: The problem it solves

The combination of multiple business systems, mixed equipment types and different IoT solutions providers makes implementation and adoption challenging. Complicated situations result in confusion caused by inaccessible and unclear data. In such circumstances, stakeholders aren’t able to work together to gain the visibility they need to facilitate industry growth and change. While the need for sharing intelligence is recognized, so is the need to protect data safety and integrity with controls that govern use, visibility and rights to information. 

How it works

The ZTR Data Brokerage Service is a multi-pronged approach that focuses on both client and industry. We leverage technical and engineering expertise, a proven IoT platform and industry standards to act as the trusted broker between the parties involved to help them work together in a more transparent and trusted manner. This allows for the mutual sharing of benefits, which may then be shared with other members of the community.  

Agreements and contracts establish trust and data safety, and ZTR implements the right IoT products and ONE i3 solutions to create connections and integrations that allow high-level and specific data-point visibility. The data is standardized so it’s understandable and easily applied to business systems so that members can increase efficiencies, realize reduced costs and foster brand loyalty. 

Innovation realized

The ZTR Data Brokerage Service creates a sharing economy among all IoT stakeholders. It bridges the gaps between mixed fleet telematics, data overload and various end users by securely sharing data-generated intelligence in a trusted environment, resulting in higher value and lower costs. This innovative solution paves the way for future applications on the jobsite by solving the data visibility problem today.