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Innovative Product Award Earthmoving Winner – Kubota Tractor

April 15, 2020
The SVL65-2's hydraulic system features an innovative Advanced Multifunction Valve that provides smooth movements of all hydraulic functions when operated simultaneously.

Category: Earthmoving

Product: SVL65-2 Compact Track Loader

Manufacturer: Kubota Tractor Corp. 

Key Innovation: Advanced multi-function valve that provides simultaneous smooth hydraulic function. The SVL65-2's hydraulic system features an innovative Advanced Multifunction Valve that provides smooth movements of all hydraulic functions when operated simultaneously. The AMV now allows operators to run the AUX hydraulics, bucket, and loader arm functions together without stalling.

Description (from the manufacturer): Kubota Tractor Corp. unveiled its new SVL65-2 to the company’s compact track loader line on January 23, 2019, further diversifying its construction equipment offerings. The new compact track loader is positioned in a lighter ROC weight class than its predecessors and features an innovative advanced hydraulic multi-function valve, the line’s signature slide-up overhead front door, and on/off self-leveling capability.

AMV Valve Allows for improved Multifunctional Operation

The new SVL65-2 features an innovative Advanced Multifunction Valve (AMV Valve) that provides smooth operation when using simultaneous functions, such as auxiliary, boom and bucket circuits, allowing operators to be more productive throughout their work day.  With the AMV Valve, the SVL65-2 makes running any attachment that utilizes auxiliary hydraulics even easier, especially attachments such as grapple buckets, 4-in-1 buckets, and hydraulic augers, to name a few. 

Small on Size, Big on Power and Performance

The SVL65-2 is powered by a 68-horsepower engine and has a wide working range including a rated operating capacity of 2,100 pounds at 35 percent or 3,000 pounds at 50 percent, a reach of 34.9 inches and a hinge pin height of 118.5 inches. The standard self-leveling feature can be engaged with the flip of a switch and keeps the bucket or forks level without the need to manually adjust the angle on the way up. Plus, multi-function levers provide fingertip control of all major vehicle and attachment operations. 

Exceptional Comfort

While the overall footprint on the new SVL65-2 is smaller, the cab is equivalent in size to its big brothers the SVL75-2 and SVL95-2s. The SVL65-2 features an easy-open sliding front door – its signature and best-selling feature – that can be opened regardless of the position of the bucket or loader arm; plus, full machine operation is possible with the door open, if desired.  

RER Commentary: In an interview with RER, Tim Boulds, Kubota construction equipment product operations manager, explains about the advanced multi-function valve: “Most compact track loaders of this size have a series valve system, meaning that the hydraulic oil goes from one circuit to the next and the circuits are prioritized with usually the boom having first priority. When you go to operate two or more circuits simultaneously it will then cause some jerkiness in the operation of the loader. For instance, if you have a 4 in 1 bucket on the machine and you operate the auxiliary circuit to close the bucket once dropping the load and you curl the bucket along with boom movement downward, then the bucket and auxiliaries sometimes will stall out due to the boom having priority. Our AMV valve makes our series circuit machine act like a parallel circuit machine, meaning we can operate more than one circuit at a time without the jerky operation.”

Boulds adds that the joystick’s fingertip controls of vehicle and attachment operations makes movements more precise and are an improvement from the economic perspective.

“Fingertip control refers to more of the precision that is available while operating the SVL65-2 with the new AMV valve,” Boulds says. “Operating more than one function on other loaders can sometimes result in a jerky arm or bucket movement depending on the operation. Operating the loader with pallet forks or using the bucket to spread gravel and grade with accuracy is made easy with the new AMV valve design. The AMV design ensures that no hydraulic power is lost during multifunction operations and control is delivered precisely to the operator’s expectations. Any attachment that requires electrical commands are at your fingertips. The exclusive Kubota joystick controls provide ergonomically easy to reach switches to activate functions on a variety of Land Pride/Kubota branded attachments as well as many competitive attachments.”        

Boulds also says the front sliding doors, similar to those in other Kubota loaders, is an advantage because it can be opened regardless of the position of the bucket or loader arms.

“The loader can also be operated with the door open or closed, so the operator has the option to do what suits him best for a particular application,” he notes. “The Kubota door has no electronics connected to it so machine operation in the open position is possible. Operating with an open door provides better communication to bystanders when needed.”

Boulds describes the motivation behind the development of the SVL65-2 compact track loader.

“The goal was to maintain the SVL65-2 as a ‘purpose-built’ compact track loader from the ground up, just like the two larger models,” he says. “This isn’t just a lighter wheeled unit with a set of tracks bolted on. Development of the machine to include the AMV valve was a direct response to customers wanting a smooth operation in a smaller machine that was offered in larger machines that include a parallel hydraulic circuit system.”