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January Honorable Mentions

Feb. 20, 2009
Computer Software Honorable Mention ClearSky JLG Industries Key Innovation: Remotely communicates with equipment to collect information using satellite and cellular technology JLG ClearSky is a connected-asset system designed for aerial work platforms ...

Computer Software Honorable Mention


JLG Industries

Key Innovation: Remotely communicates with equipment to collect information using satellite and cellular technology

JLG ClearSky is a connected-asset system designed for aerial work platforms in the rental industry. ClearSky provides a two-way communication link to the machine control system using satellite and cellular technology to gather information. With the support of intelligent back-office systems, this information is available 24 hours a day. The data is transmitted over the network to a data center where it is shared with appropriate users and displayed in various systems including customer operating systems. Additional features include on-demand diagnostics and troubleshooting; preventative maintenance alerts based on real-world operating conditions that help reduce unexpected failures; machine maintenance history; operating system integration; geofencing; and GPS location with mapping on various levels (local, regional, national). This system offers operational advantages that translate into a lower total cost of ownership for equipment owners and end users. The telematics control unit and associated hardware can be factory installed or retrofitted to existing equipment.

Concrete-Working Equipment Honorable Mention

D25941K heavy-duty demolition hammer

DeWalt Industrial Power Tools

Key Innovation: Shocks-Active Vibration Control system combines shock-mounted floating handles with a counter balance mechanism to decrease user fatigue.

The D25941K heavy-duty demolition hammer performs concrete removal applications in demanding commercial construction environments. DeWalt equipped the D25941K with spring-loaded dust seals and a non-air pumping beat piece that keeps dust and debris out of the hammer mechanism for longer tool life. The D25941K has an electronics package that allows users to start the tool softly on contact and maintain optimum performance under load throughout demolition applications. The D25941K is also engineered with a high-performance, 15-amp motor that delivers 22 foot-pounds of impact energy. To reduce vibration, DeWalt’s Shocks Active Vibration Control system combines shock-mounted floating handles with a counter-balance mechanism located in the barrel of the tool, decreasing user fatigue and increasing productivity. A one-step, 12-position chisel rotation allows users to reposition a chisel’s angle using one hand. Additionally, a large rocker switch and rear rubber handles provide users with improved operation and comfort.

Cutting/Drilling Honorable Mention

680GC RentMAX Package

ICS Blount

Key Innovation: The 80cc concrete chain saw with diamond chain has the ability to perform plunge cuts as deep as 14 inches.

The RentMAX gas-powered concrete chain saw package from ICS consists of the new 680GC 80cc gas saw paired with the new RentMAX diamond chain. Incorporating the patented Seal Pro technology to reduce stretch, and therefore tension adjustments, the new chain also has double bumpers, eliminating the possibility of backward installation. The 680GC saw includes features that make it a good fit for the rental market, including increased airflow and a computerized ignition system that together reduce engine operating temperature by 100 degrees. Altitude-friendly carburetion, stronger starter components, and a decompression valve have also been incorporated. Available with a 12- or 14-inch bar, the 680GC offers unique advantages, including the ability to cut square openings as small as 4 inches with no overcuts, as well as plunge cuts as deep as 14 inches.

Earthmoving Equipment Honorable Mention

5240E skid loader

Gehl Co.

Key Innovation: The new compact chassis allows for 59.7-inch operation with offset tire option, and the unit offers 122 inches of lift height when equipped with 12.00 tires.

Gehl Co. announces the addition of the 5240E skid loader. The 5240E boasts lift heights up to 122 inches (with optional 12.00 tires) and excels on small, cramped jobsites with its new, compact chassis. Backed by a powerful 62-hp Tier-3 turbo-diesel engine and smooth operating hydraulics, this machine can handle various challenging projects. The 5240E has an overall machine width of 59.7 inches (without bucket) utilizing the new offset-tire option. This narrow width allows for operation on 5-foot sidewalks and access through narrow doors and gates. Even though the model 5240E may be more compact, it still provides power and performance to complete assigned tasks.

Earthmoving Equipment Honorable Mention


Kubota Tractor Corp.

Key Innovation: Kubota’s M59 TLB features an integrated main frame and a heavy-duty rear axle for extended life and smooth stopping performance.

Kubota introduces a new high-performance, power utility M59 tractor, a 59-hp TLB designed to tackle tasks with power and strength. The M59 features four-wheel drive for power and stability, an integrated main frame and a heavy-duty rear axle for extended life and smooth stopping performance. The M59’s backhoe has a 12-foot digging depth and boasts more power than Kubota’s past TLB’s. It also has a bucket digging force of more than 7,600 pounds and dipper digging force of 4,731 pounds to handle tough soil conditions. High-capacity hydraulic pumps allow for smooth and efficient management with various materials including stone, gravel, sand, silt or clay. The M59 offers a quick-mount attach/detach system for easy backhoe removal and enclosed hydraulic hoses for improved visibility and an overall cleaner design. The M59 loader is both cost and time efficient, offering increased productivity and a lifting power of 3,960 pounds. With a maximum height of 10.5 feet and a 7-foot bucket, the loader makes the M59 a productive machine. The braceless frame, slanted boom and sloped-hood design improve operator visibility when changing front attachments. The M59 employs a quick-attach coupler and optional third function valve for easy use of attachments.

Earthmoving Equipment Honorable Mention

BL70 backhoe loader

Volvo Construction Equipment

Key Innovation: The VHSS (Volvo Hydraulic Safeguard System) monitors the hydraulic oil temperature to prevent overheating.

Volvo Construction Equipment introduces the BL70 backhoe loader that features a patented safety feature to help reduce risks of downtime and the loss of revenue from overheating problems. VHSS, the Volvo Hydraulic Safeguard System, monitors the hydraulic oil temperature to prevent overheating. If the oil temperature rises above 207 degrees F, the hydraulic functions automatically go into “loader mode”: 40 hydraulic hp instead of the normal 62 hydraulic hp. Operators can continue to work without stopping the machine and a white VHSS light will illuminate during this phase. The onboard computer continues to monitor status every seven minutes and automatically adjusts the power to optimize the cooling performance. When the temperature falls below 207 degrees F, hydraulic functions return to “backhoe mode” at 62 hydraulic hp. If the temperature continues to rise, a separate high-hydraulic temperature (red) light illuminates and a buzzer sounds, telling the operator to stop using the hydraulics immediately but keep the engine running. The benefits of this system include longer oil and seals life, the machine never stops working, reducing the risk of overheating and it gives operators the ability to work in high-ambient, high-altitude and high-humidity conditions.

Lawn and Garden Equipment Honorable Mention

Small Force Blower

Billy Goat Industries

Key Innovation: Revolutionary design and housing material reduces overall weight and increases productivity.

Billy Goat Industries introduces the Small Force Blower. The use of computer-designed composite impellers and housings have pushed the design envelope and led to the next level of performance and productivity in push blowers. Composites have completely eliminated traditional bends in metal housings, thereby eliminating air voids, reducing dBA, improving blowing efficiency and eliminating 30 percent of the weight. There is less stress on the engine shaft for longer engine life and no rusting or denting on either the housing or 16-blade impeller. The result is a unit that improves productivity, ergonomics and is simple to transport. Additional features include larger wheels, an ergonomic handle design and the patented Aim-n-Shoot airflow technology.

Lifts Honorable Mention

X-Boom 45XA

Bil-Jax Inc.

Key Innovation: Hydraulic outriggers have replaced the heavy counterweights found on conventional self-propelled machines. Set-up is complete in less than 30 seconds.

The Bil-Jax 45XA X-Boom offers 48-percent gradeability, 3.5-mph drive speed and four-wheel-drive capability. Hydraulic outriggers have replaced the heavy counterweights found on conventional self-propelled machines and set-up is complete in less than 30 seconds. This articulating boom offers 500-pound lift capacity with a 51-foot working height and 27 feet of maximum outreach. The unit weighs 4,715 pounds and does not require a commercial driver’s license for trailering. Options available for this lift include non-marking tires, indoor tires, a hydraulic jib rotator and a material lift attachment. The material lift attachment allows the 45XA to be used as a light-duty crane. Standard features include water line and air line to the platform, as well as a 4,500-watt generator and 110-volt GFI-protected electrical outlets at the platform and base.

Lifts Honorable Mention

LightLift LL63

Hinowa Spa (ReachMaster)

Key Innovation: The LL63 can fit through a single door, is 6.6-feet tall, 2.6-feet wide and 14.7-feet long.

ReachMaster introduces the LightLift LL63 aerial lift, the most compact lift in its class according to the company, with features including a 63-foot working height, a maximum outreach of 21 feet (single capacity), and dual-power supply for indoor and outdoor use. The track-based unit comes equipped with a jib articulation joint. The LL63 can fit through a single door, is 6.6-feet tall, 2.6-feet wide and 14.7-feet long. The low maintenance and lightweight unit weighs 4,576 pounds. It features strong climbing abilities and can be easily transported on a small truck bed or a light trailer. Its manufacturer, Hinowa S.p.A., of Nogara, Italy, was founded in 1987 by a group of industry professionals with a goal of producing high-performance compact hydraulic equipment and undercarriages. ReachMaster is its exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor.

Material Handling Honorable Mention

TA30 articulated dump truck

Terex Construction Americas

Key Innovation: Incorporates Terex’s unique independent front suspension system with integral wet-disc brakes.

Terex announces the addition of the TA30 articulated dump truck (ADT) with the unique Terex independent, front-suspension system with integral wet-disc brakes to its ADT product family. Terex TA articulated haulers are fitted with the latest Tier-3 engines for optimum performance and fuel efficiency. The TA30 has the 350-hp Cummins QSM11 engine and a maximum payload of 30.9 tons. The independent front-suspension system, which was developed in conjunction with Timoney Mobility Systems of Navan, Ireland, is a purpose-designed, parallel-linkage coil-spring system. This system addresses the increasing emphasis on driver comfort. It also significantly adds to the potential for increased productivity by providing a smooth ride and improved handling, which can result in faster cycle times. Another important feature of the latest generation of Terex articulated haulers is the provision of all-round, fully enclosed wet-disc brakes on all wheels of these haulers, which provide long-life and fade-free braking. This improves not only overall braking performance and operating efficiency, but it also is designed to increase service life and reduce operating costs.

Miscellaneous Honorable Mention

DMD4K digital multi-detector kit

Bosch Power Tools, entered by MTA Distributors

Key Innovation: This tool combines the features of a traditional stud finder with the ability to locate rebar in concrete and electrical wiring, preventing tool damage and injury.

The Bosch DMD4K Zoom Detector puts an end to expensive drilling damage, such as drilling into metal water pipes or drill bits twisted on reinforcing steel because it detects metals (magnetic and non-magnetic), electric cables and wooden substructures and indicates live cables. An illumination ring around the marking hole changes from green to red to indicate detection. The audible detection signal easily switches on and off, and the on-tool marking pencil storage accepts standard pencil width. The unit also features an ergonomic soft-grip area for sure grip and comfort. The LED ring and the integrated marking pen offer accurate positioning. Auto-calibration in metal-mode scan can be started at any location. Informative LCD display indicates mode and detection strength.

Miscellaneous Honorable Mention


Dri-Eaz Products

Key Innovation: The AirPath employs a patented grill to direct airflow across floor surfaces in a 360-degree pattern, greatly reducing drying times.

The AirPath takes carpet and floor drying to a new level of speed and efficiency. By utilizing a unique patented grill that directs airflow down and across floor surfaces in a 360-degree airstream, the AirPath can dry most floor surfaces in minutes, not hours or days. The AirPath accomplishes this by drawing warm, dry air from above and directing it across the entire surface of the floor — up to 12 feet in all directions. Users place the unit in the center of a room and switch on the 1-hp motor to unleash airflow clocked at up to 40 mph. Locking wheel casters keep the unit firmly in place when drying hard floors, and a rugged, rotomolded housing makes the unit lightweight, stackable and long-lasting. Simplicity of use and portability make it attractive to rental customers, and for store managers, the unit’s minimal maintenance requirements and the scratch- and dent-resistant housing mean the unit is always showroom ready.