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Category Winners

Oct. 10, 2008
Compaction Equipment Category Winner Rammax Viper trench roller Multiquip Key Innovation: The oscillation joint design provides reliable stability on uneven surfaces. The Rammax Viper trench roller from Multiquip features a unique articulation and ...

Compaction Equipment Category Winner

Rammax Viper trench roller


Key Innovation: The oscillation joint design provides reliable stability on uneven surfaces.

The Rammax Viper trench roller from Multiquip features a unique articulation and oscillation design that provides reliable stability on uneven surfaces and provides easy mobility in tight environments. Its patented Straight Compaction Technology is designed to supply equal amplitude to all four drums. The Z-Shape frame design on the Rammax Viper is a patented offset drum configuration that ensures effective compaction. The internal drum scrapers on the trench roller eliminate build-up, allowing drums to turn freely in tough conditions. Powered by a Lombardini diesel engine, the Rammax Viper delivers up to 2,460 vibrations per minute and reaches centrifugal forces up to 15,543 pounds. Other highlights include an exclusive Rammax-designed radiator for low-water temperatures, an easy access exciter system for fast and efficient maintenance and dual receiving eyes position to eliminate blind spots. Status diagnostic system for quick troubleshooting and dual-controls cables and infrared are also available.

Compressors/Air Tools Category Winner

M57 Mobilair utility portable compressor

Kaeser Compressors

Key Innovation: Marries a smart concept and desirable features in today’s market. Includes our Sigma Profile airend for more air with less horsepower and a sound attenuating enclosure. Designed to make cross mounting an easy task, and built to take the harshest conditions, the M57 Utility delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig.

Kaeser’s M57 Mobilair Utility portable compressor answers the needs of today’s rental market in a versatile, compact package. The unit’s user-friendly design includes an easy-to-read curbside instrument panel protected by an aluminum hinged lockable door, as well as forklift slots and a single-point lifting bail to make cross mounting on service vehicles an easy task. Efficient and reliable, the M57 Utility delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig and is equipped with a sound attenuating enclosure. A high-capacity, cold-start battery and large 28-gallon fuel tank ensure reliable operation in severe working conditions and provide extended operation — up to 10 full hours. What’s more, the M57 Utility’s heavy duty, 4-cylinder diesel engine combined with the company’s energy saving Sigma Profile airend produces more air with less horsepower and complies with Tier-3 EPA emissions standards. Optional features include an after-cooler package and five-year airend warranty.

Computer Software Category Winner

Dispatch Center Module

Point-of-Rental Systems

Key Innovation: Integrates with transactions marked for delivery and pickup in Point-of-Rental Systems Enterprise software; to efficiently route vehicles.

Point-of-Rental Systems' Dispatch Center module allows rental stores to schedule pickups and deliveries as “trips” assigned to specific delivery trucks. Each truck-trip combo can have multiple stops routed with turn-by-turn roundtrip directions and maps. It interfaces with Point-of-Rental’s Enterprise software listing each day’s delivery/pickup contracts for one or all stores. Overview maps provide dispatchers the ability to group contracts geographically. Users can add rental contracts to a trip with just a click of the mouse. Maps are displayed using Microsoft’s MapPoint and can be imported into compatible devices. Dispatchers can assign drivers and crew, track fuel consumption and define time parameter for each stop. In addition to the maps and turn-by-turn directions, the Dispatch Center includes reports to help ensure all items are loaded and ultimately picked up.

Concrete Working Equipment Category Winner

Four-disc floor grinder


Key Innovation: Counter-rotating disc system makes this larger production machine easy to use as it glides smoothly over any concrete surface.

The Edco four-disc floor grinder comes with the company’s counter-rotating disc system that enables this larger grinder to be easily operated. It glides smoothly across the floor with no torque from side to side. The unit boasts a 36-inch working width with 4 square feet of surface contact area. Another unique feature about this machine is its multi-accessory discs. These discs allow the machine to accept numerous accessories such as Dyma-Serts, Strip-Serts, grinding stones, wire brushes, scarifier assemblies and more. It is designed for production grinding, cleaning, stripping, leveling or smoothing of large surface areas. It is also designed to repair concrete surfaces, remove old coatings, prep surfaces for new overlays and take down high areas as well as texture concrete if needed. The unit is available with electric, gasoline and/or propane power options and comes standard with a 3-inch vacuum port for dry grinding and a garden hose hook-up for wet grinding to control dust.

Cutting/Drilling Category Winner

Bolt-on Rock Head (BoRH)


Key Innovation: Ability to convert Pengo’s Aggressor Auger into a rock auger.

Pengo introduces the Bolt-on Rock Head (BoRH), which transforms the general purpose Aggressor into a rock-ready auger. The BoRH’s innovative wear caps provide a smooth transition and protection when fastened to the general purpose head. The BoRH locks into place using the wear caps and existing pilot bit. The wear caps' lugs interface with the existing recesses in the Aggressor head, which allow for unobstructed removal of spoils from the hole. The BoRH features the new P21-RR carbide tooth. This tooth has an enlarged shoulder that increases holder protection during drilling.

Earthmoving Equipment Category Winner

RTX100 pedestrian trencher

Vermeer Corp.

Key Innovation: Directional control/handlebar steering. When transporting or operating the machine, steering is controlled by movement of the directional control bar to the direction the operator wants to move.

Vermeer introduces the RTX100 pedestrian trencher with an easy-to-use intuitive steering system and interchangeable tracks and tires for the landscape, utility and rental markets. The industry-exclusive VZ Steer system allows the operator to simply move the handlebars in the direction the operator wants to move, and the machine responds. When moving, the input and pace of the operator moving the handlebar will control the angle and sharpness of the turn, allowing the operator to maneuver in and around confined spaces and around obstacles where other machines cannot. The RTX100 also features interchangeable tires and tracks, which allow the machine to be configured for maximum productivity in varying ground conditions. The unit is powered by either a 13-hp Honda GX390 or 15-hp Kohler CH15 gas engine.

Generators/Welders Category Winner

Ingersoll Rand L20 light tower/generator

Doosan Infracore Portable Power

Key Innovation: Optional AutoLamp photocell to control lighting from dusk to dawn.

The Ingersoll Rand L20 combination light tower and mobile generator provides a single solution for two important jobsite needs — power and light. The L20 is designed for mining, oil and gas exploration, and a multitude of other environments where there is no reliable power source present. The L20’s lighting system consists of four, 1,000-watt metal halide lamps. The 20-kilowatt generator powers the lighting system and delivers up to 63 amps at 240 volts and 126 amps at 120 volts. The optional AutoLamp uses a built-in photocell to automatically engage the lighting system from dusk until dawn, or until the system’s user-programmable timer shuts off. The AutoLamp feature ensures the lighting system operates only when needed, increasing the lamp life and as much as an 18-percent increase in fuel efficiency.

Lawn and Garden Equipment Category Winner

1305BC brush cutter

Turf Teq

Key Innovation: This unit features a hydrostatic drive, variable angle cutting head, oscillating cutting head, multi-use tractor with quick-attach capability, and side discharge.

Turf Teq introduces the Model 1305BC brush cutter. This unit features a 13-hp Honda engine and is self-propelled with a fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission. The machine also features an innovative variable-angle cutting head, which allows the operator to cut under fences, trees and other difficult to mow areas. On hillsides, the pivoting feature adds stability to the machine by increasing the machine’s overall ground contact pattern. The deck pivots incrementally to the left up to 1-foot beyond the handle bars. The deck also has an adjustable cutting height. The hydrostatic drive provides maximum productivity while operating in a variety of conditions. The operating speed is infinitely variable with the forward/reverse control lever at the operator’s right hand. There is no need to stop and change gears to increase or decrease speed or to change direction. All controls are located at the operator handlebars. The model 1305BC also features a multi-use tractor with quick attach that can be converted to operate a power edger, power broom or power rake.

Lifts Category Winner


JLG Industries

Key Innovation: The first personal and portable aerial work platform (AWP) on the market to replace the ladder.

The LiftPod is the first personal and portable aerial work platform (AWP) on the market to replace the ladder. The price of the unit is 25-percent the cost and weight of an entry-level AWP. The LiftPod consists of three main sections — the base, the mast and carriage, and the platform — which are each about 55 pounds or less and can be assembled by one person in less than 30 seconds. Powered with a common 18-volt cordless drill, the LiftPod has a 14-foot working height and allows its user to work with both hands free in a 360-degree range of motion. The LiftPod’s lightweight and compact size allow for one person to move it around the worksite or transport it in the back of a pick-up truck with little effort. An optional power pack and a pair of quick-change batteries allow continuous work.

Material Handling Category Winner

Super Jawz Grabbing Tool

Star Hill Solutions

Key Innovation: JAWZ is simple in design and now available for wheel loaders and excavators. Based upon the principle of applying tandem hydraulic squeezing power through a steel finger attachment, JAWZ delivers the required gripping power to handle those “hard to remove” objects with ease.

Star Hill Solutions introduces Super Jawz Grabbing Tool, which was developed to meet the increasing demand for a grabbing tool with larger lifting capacity (10,000 pounds) and an opening of 58 inches at the tips that is suited for use on large wheel loaders and excavators. The patented Star Hill Jawz Grabbing Tool is an hydraulic front-end attachment with two fingers that open and close on a common plane for land management tasks such as removing invasive trees and brush, fence posts, stakes and moving large rocks or boulders. The wheel loader version, Model C3700CQA, of the Jawz Grabbing Tool, is designed with a quick coupling to accommodate wheel loaders and excavators. Super Jawz is ruggedly designed with the large equipment rental firms and heavy equipment operators in mind. Jawz fingers are 1.5-inch thick T-1 steel, and include a protective guard plate covering hoses and connectors. No longer will wheel operators have to push and roll boulders to get them in place because the Super Jawz easily accomplishes this task. The Super Jawz Grabbing Tool is a wheel loader and excavator attachment for grabbing and removing invasive trees, shrubs, brush and hedges, roots and all. It is designed to be more efficient than a shear, tree saw, or cutter because it doesn’t leave the roots in the ground. Super Jawz is designed for demolition projects where heavy equipment is needed.

Miscellaneous Category Winner

V series vertical light tower

Allmand Bros.

Key Innovation: Tower raises straight up from its vertical position, fixtures can be adjusted from the ground and maintain their position when raised, tower design eliminates damage and adds safety.

The V Series Vertical Light Tower from Allmand Bros. is s compact trailer including a seven section lighting tower that telescopes and retracts vertically. Mast may be raised or lowered in just 20 seconds and does not lay down for transportation or storage. Mast and light fixtures stay within the footprint of the trailer even when lowered. The vertical-only design reduces shipping and storage costs as well as the potential for damage. In addition, the light fixtures can be adjusted from the ground to the angle and direction as desired before being extended, making accurate fixture adjustments fast and simple. Fixtures hold their adjusted position and can be operated at any height. Safety is enhanced as the tower does not lie down and overhang the rear of the enclosure; design also eliminates potential pinch points. Fluid containment trailer design reduces potential for accidental liquid spills. Ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas; helps protect against costly cleanup and regulatory fines.

Power Tools Category Winner

DCH 300 electric diamond cutters


Key Innovation: Low profile arbor that allows a 12-inch blade to cut nearly as deep as a 14-inch blade. The counter-clockwise rotation of the blade aids in dust collection by moving the dust away from the operator.

The Hilti DCH 300 Electric Cutter was specifically designed for cutting concrete with a powerful 2.6-kw motor that spins the diamond blade in the same direction as a wood-cutting circular saw, allowing for better control as operators push the saw into the cut. It can also cut steel by utilizing abrasive blades. Using its innovative low profile arbor, the DCH 300 and a 12-inch blade will cut to a depth of 4.7 inches. Cutting almost as deep as a 14-inch blade on a traditional saw, the DCH 300 with its integrated dust hood and retractable depth gauge aids in unparallelled performance. For dust-sensitive applications such as cutting indoors or in occupied spaces, the new and compact self-cleaning VC 20U or VC 40U vacuum cleaners can easily be attached. The DCH 300 also features Hilti Smart Power, an intelligent electronic control system that constantly regulates motor power to suit the material being cut and the pressure being applied to the tool. Also, it is suited for cutting concrete, granite curbstones, slabs, bricks, metal beams, steel pipes and more.

Technology Enhancements Category Winner

AccuPlace with Ride Control Technology

JLG Industries

Key Innovation: Distributed hydraulics provide linear boom motion and more precise load placement.

Using distributed hydraulics, an arrangement of hydraulic hoses created in a single loop in place of the valve bank used to disperse oil in traditional hydraulic systems, the AccuPlace with Ride Control system from JLG provides linear motion of the boom and a boom suspension system that permits more stable load transfer. It gives machine operators more precise control of load placement and reduces bounce while transporting a load, even over rough terrain. Other advantages of the distributed hydraulics in the AccuPlace system include 12-percent faster boom speeds, and a 27-percent reduction of leak points, which reduces jobsite cleanup and machine maintenance requirements. The system also offers a 25-percent increase in hydraulic flow so attachments that require a high auxiliary flow work more efficiently with overall better performance. Machine diagnosis is also upgraded when using the JLG analyzer. The analyzer helps to reduce the time it takes to diagnose and troubleshoot issues, and provides a more accurate assessment of the problem area.

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