Brooke Just
Travis Yarbrough at the ARA Show with Lone Star Rentals

Faces in the Crowd at The ARA Show: Travis Yarbrough: Lone Star Rentals, Andrews, Texas

Nov. 1, 2021
Travis Yarbrough with Lone Star Rentals in Andrews, Texas, was impressed with the variety at The ARA Show.

By Brooke Just

Travis Yarbrough with Lone Star Rentals in Andrews, Texas, is a first-time attendee of The ARA Show.

Lone Star Rentals is a rental equipment company that mainly rents to the oil and gas industry, but also rents to the residential sector.

Yarbrough said his family-owned company is hoping to expand its fleet, which was the main reason for attending this year’s show.

“We’ve been in the rental business for 15 years and so we came to see if there was anything that we can get into that we’re not into currently,” he said.

Yarbrough said telehandlers were on the company’s list of items to look into at the show, along with anything that sparked their interest.

Yarbrough was impressed with the size capacity of the show.

“My favorite thing about the show is how big it is and how many pieces of equipment are here, it’s almost overwhelming,” he said.

Yarbrough added he will definitely come back to future ARA Shows.