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NW Quik Pull tool

NW Quik Pull Tool Offers Versatility for Landscapers, Fencers, and Other Industries

Oct. 27, 2021
Rowdy Sloggett originally invented a machine for the fence pulling industry -- but soon learned it would be a hit in other markets.

Written by Brooke Just

Rowdy and Kelly Sloggett, a husband-and-wife duo, have saved many backs of fencers, landscape professionals among other careers with their invention of the NW Quik Pull machine.

Rowdy invented the machine nearly four years ago after he had a knee accident and was unable to lift heavy fence posts the old-fashioned way. With his mechanical engineering and steel fabricator thinking cap on, Rowdy created a machine that would soon put them on the market.

“We had just had a bad storm and our neighbors were hiring everyone to come help them re-build their fences, but they couldn’t figure out how to get that piece of concrete footing out without breaking their back,” Rowdy says. “My friends were saying to me, ‘It’s time consuming and if I can get out faster, would you be able to help me?’”

Rowdy’s tool did just that.

He says his tool helped a friend turn what would’ve been a two-day job into a two-hour job.

The Quick Pull is a tripod pulling machine that was originally built to pull fence posts, but the couple quickly learned that it can do much more than that.

“It works to pull tree shrubs, grape vine and we’ve also figured it pulls out tent stakes,” says Kelley Sloggett, Rowdy’s wife. “We had a friend of mine who is a pastor and he called me one day and said, ‘Kelley, I need a Quik Pull miracle.’ He had a tent at his church event that needed to come down and we went over to help him and sure enough it worked.”

The tool consists of schedule 40 pipe and a quarter inch plate with a heavy reinforced chain that even the heaviest of items won’t break. The machine weighs roughly 50 pounds and can fold back into itself for easy transport and can easily fit in the back of a vehicle.

How it works is the operator wraps the chain around the item their pulling and the item or fence post is pulled straight up, reducing friction while increasing leverage. The tripod base creates more stability, making it easy for only one operator to control it.

The Sloggett’s machine offers little to no maintenance, as there are no electricity or hydraulics involved.

Though Rowdy created the invention in 2017, the couple just put it on the market last year in 2020. Other industries, along with the fencing industry, found out about their invention and the couple have watched their sales soar.

“It’s been an adventure to see what this tool has done for people,” Rowdy says. “I married my wife two years ago and when she came on and did the marketing for our company, that’s when the magic happened. Without her, people wouldn’t have known about this tool.”

“We’ve kind of said let’s throw spaghetti on the wall and see what happens,” Kelly added.

At the 2021 ARA Show, the couple met with large rental companies such as Lowes and United Rentals and are looking forward to the possibilities to come.

“Last year I started cold calling fence post companies and said ‘Hey, I want to come and demonstrate our tool on your job and pull a couple of posts for you,’” Kelley says. “Nine times out of 10 we sold the tool. We also have our tool in a local Battle Ground Washington rental store, but now we’re looking to expand, and the ARA Show helped us do that.”

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