Photo by Makinex
Makinex Mobile Charging Pod

Makinex Shows Lift Assist and Mobile Charging Pod

Oct. 20, 2021
Makinex's Lift Assist and Mobile Charging Pod offer jobsites and operators less wear and tear on service personnel, and safety.
Posted by Brooke Just

Makinex has launched its Makinex Lift Assist to help operators reduce wear and tear on their body on the jobsite. The Lift Assist is an installable attachment for 60-to-90-pound pneumatic hammers.

The average pneumatic hammers operate at 1200+ blows per minute. The ergonomically designed Lift Assist reduces operator stress and fatigue, dramatically resulting in high productivity, all while keeping safety at the forefront. Each Lift Assist pushes and  lifts 350 pounds of force not only lifting the weight of the pneumatic hammer, but also releasing the buried chisel from the ground, allowing each of the 1,200+ blows to have a smooth exit and transition to continue the cut or demo. It operates on the same airline the pneumatic hammer is already running, so no additional power or air source is required.

The maintenance on the Lift Assist is identical to the maintenance on a pneumatic hammer. Anytime the hammer is oiled, the Lift Assist is oiled. The Makinex Lift Assist is compatible with the following brands: APT, Ingersoll Rand, Tamco, Atlas Copco, Michigan Pneumatic, Chicago Pneumatic, and more. The unit is designed for working in the asphalt, concrete, commercial landscape, municipalities, oil and gas, plumbers, electricians and street maintenance industries.

Another product the company showcased at the ARA Show was a Mobile Charging Pod.

This innovative, secure storage pod provides a safe way to store power tools, chargers, battery banks, and more. In addition to providing secure storage preventing theft, each of the six lockers has its own GFCI compliant outlets, providing power to safely charge batteries while storing them Utilizing the Mobile Charge Pod on a jobsite effectively eradicates possible fines that can be related to electrical installation standards, an over-loaded switch board, and of course, trip hazards with cords. The mobile light-weight pod is equipped with four lockable castor wheels and is also equipped with four lock joints. Or, two units can easily be affixed back to back, doubling the amount of lockers from six to 12 units.

The pod has successfully been used in rental shops, automotive shops and general tool repair workshops. To reach Makinex to obtain more information, email [email protected].