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Volvo Construction Equipment's new class of excavators is designed for forestry applications. Three models — the 26-ton EC210 BFX; the 31-ton EC 240 BFX; and the 36-ton EC 290 BFX — have been tested in a range of applications to suit the customers' needs in harvester and processor, log loader and general forestry operations. Together, these allow a wide scope of jobs to be carried out, including road building, harvesting, site preparation and more.

The FX equipment features heavy-duty track-drive motor and undercarriage components such as rollers, links and an idler of a higher capacity than those used on conventional excavators. The machine is also built with a high and wide heavy-duty “high walker” forestry undercarriage, which helps avoid obstructions. The undercarriage also increases stability when working over the side, as in material handling, and gives extra ground clearance for maneuverability, an advantage for off-road applications, says Ken Kelly, director, Forestry Solutions, Volvo Construction Equipment.

The structure features heavy-duty forestry guards, including a choice of independent top and side guards or a new “gull-wing” system that integrates both top and side protective structures. “All machines come equipped with factory-guarded cabins offering operator protection meeting industry standards for logging applications,” says Kelly.

The series is also fitted with a heavy-duty forestry boom and arm and boom riser that allows for high lifting power, but with a tighter swing radius, making it easier to work close to trees and roadside loading conditions.

Verified by Ken Kelly, director, Forestry Solutions, Volvo Construction Equipment.
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Weight: 26 to 36 tons
Power modes: 4

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