Heating and Ventilation Equipment Suppliers Introduce New Products

United CoolAir

United CoolAir introduces a new horizontal cooling unit to its line-up of portable air conditioning products. Rated at 15 tons, the PACH15 has a low-profile design for mobility and minimal space requirements. The unit can be configured for cooling only or cooling/heating for use over a wide temperature range. Special cabinet features include riveted aluminum panels, duct collars, powder-coat finish and ½-inch thermal/acoustic insulation.
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Topp Portable Air

The Mobile Cool MOB-42-HP portable air conditioner provides 42,000 BTU/hour of cooling and is designed for commercial and construction applications, and even tented events. The unit runs on 220-volt, single-phase power, and is UL listed for outdoor use. Equipped with a 50-foot power supply cord, other features of the MOB-42-HP include one supply and two return duct adapters, an on-board condensate removal system, and a remote thermostat.
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General Equipment

General Equipment Co. introduces the CD10P carpet dryer to accommodate a wide variety of carpet and surface-drying needs. The blower is built to withstand abuse, but is light enough to be easily carried. Its powerful, quiet fan is designed to accelerate the evaporation process of minor flooding events to help prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Powered by a 1-hp, 3-speed motor, the CD10P can be plugged into a standard 115VAC outlet. At the highest speed setting it produces a maximum airflow rate of 3,800 cfm, while generating only 72 decibels of sound.
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Wacker Neuson

Featuring a two-stage coil design, the new AD 75 LGR (low grain refrigerant) dehumidifier from Wacker Neuson Climate Control pulls more moisture from the air at lower humidity levels to decrease drying time. Designed for applications including restoration, new construction, reconstruction and humidity control, the AD 75 LGR delivers an operating range between 40 to 104 F. The unit has 150-pint capacity at saturation, and features an energy-efficient 10,000-BTU rotary compressor. Its 300 cfm blower is designed to maximize moisture draw-down by offering more air exchanges per hour.
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Allmand Bros.

Allmand's indirect-fired heater, the Maxi-Heat, features twin heater units that produce a maximum of 1.01 million BTUs and clean, breathable air. A standard 1,800-rpm liquid-cooled Isuzu diesel engine with regulated generator provides power for the heaters and electrical accessories. The 191-gallon fuel tank provides more than 24 hours of operation without refueling. An in-line fuel heater and pre-filter on the fuel system makes the system more tolerant to dirt and variances in the viscosity of the fuel. The static pressure of the Maxi-Heat has increased from .5 wc (water column) to 1.5 wc. This has allowed Allmand to increase the length of the Maxi-Heat's 16-inch ducting to 110 feet.
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