Product of the Week – Wacker Neuson HIF Flameless Heaters

Wacker Neuson Climate Technology introduces the new HIF 690 and HIF 1200 flameless indirect-fired heaters. These new heaters use a diesel engine to generate heat so the flame is completely isolated from the surrounding environment.

“Since the flame is isolated from the surrounding air by engine valves it will not ignite nearby combustible mixes,” says David Mencel, Climate Technology product manager for Wacker Neuson. “This makes these heaters ideal for potentially volatile applications such as oil and gas exploration, underground and aboveground mining, and restoration.”

The HIF 690 and HIF 1200 offer a maximum air output temperature of 250F with a maximum temperature rise of up to 150F.

Both heater models boast high-cfm airflow and static pressure to optimize heat delivery in a rental-friendly, easy-to-use design. Featuring one-button operation, the HIF 690 and HIF 1200 also offer automatic positive air and high-temperature shutdowns. Automatic louvers help maintain desired operating temperatures, and a performance-monitoring strobe light allows workers to see from a distance that all heating systems are operating properly. Maintenance of the heating system requires only a flush and refill of the high-performance mineral oil lubricating the shear plate and a filter change every 1,500 hours.

The Wacker Neuson HIF 690 flameless indirect fired heater is capable of heating up to 1 million square feet with its maximum input of 686,000 Btu/hour. The heater delivers up to 4,000 cfm airflow at a 3.5-inch static pressure, and it can be equipped with the standard 20-inch air outlet or an optional dual 12-inch outlet. Powered by a Cummins Tier 4i compliant diesel engine, the HIF 690 can operate more than 20 hours on a single tank of No. 2 diesel fuel when operating continuously at maximum capacity.

The HIF 1200 model will heat up to 1.7 million square feet with its maximum 1.2 million Btu/hour heat input. The heater supplies air to structures through standard dual 20-inch diameter outlets or optional 4- by 12-inch outlets at a maximum airflow of 6,500 cfm at a 4.0-in static pressure. The new HIF 1200 heater is powered by a John Deere diesel engine and offers more than 24 hours of continuous run time at full capacity with its 210-gallon fuel tank.

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