Yancey Bros. Implements SmartEquip for Cat Rental Store Operations

Yancey Bros. Implements SmartEquip for Cat Rental Store Operations

Yancey Cat, the United States’ oldest Caterpillar dealer headquartered in Austell, Ga., recently completed the implementation of SmartEquip technology for use by its Cat Rental Store locations. By utilizing SmartEquip’s Enterprise application, Yancey will be able to automate service processes, increase technician productivity, eliminate parts order errors, and improve uptime and availability of its rental fleet.

The integration of the SmartEquip and Wynne Systems RentalMan applications will allow Yancey to leverage integrations with the manufacturers of more than 200 brands of equipment that participate in the SmartEquip Network.

“Yancey is committed to growing its equipment fleet as well as the number of rental locations to meet the needs of its customers throughout the state of Georgia,” said Billy Holliday, vice president for rental services. “SmartEquip technology is a great addition to our company because it simplifies our maintenance and repair workflow by eliminating over 50 percent of the steps in the current process. This allows us to not only optimize our existing technicians and parts staff, but establishes a single consistent process that is easy to understand for new employees, reduces errors and accelerates their productivity. In the long run, we believe that using SmartEquip technology will allow us to compress the repair and maintenance cycle, which will result in improved fleet availability and customer satisfaction.”

“Our goal is to drive increased profitability for fleet owners, manufacturers and their dealers by integrating both their procurement systems and operational processes. We’re excited that Yancey Cat is now using SmartEquip technology to support their Cat Rental Store operations, in addition to their other fleet customers on the SmartEquip Network.”

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