Tsurumi Pump Opens Northeastern Warehouse in Woburn, Mass.

Tsurumi Pump has opened a new remote warehouse location in Woburn, Mass., 15 miles outside of Boston. The opening is a direct response to increased customer demand in the region, as well as Tsurumi’s continued efforts to provide timely shipments to areas prone to flooding.

Flooding in the northeastern U.S. has worsened during the last decade, with Boston in particular experiencing historic floods this year. Glenn Wieczorek, managing director of Tsurumi, said that his company is well aware of the issue, and the new warehouse will aid in future remediation efforts.

“Tsurumi’s new warehouse represents so much more than company expansion or customer demand,” Wieczorek said. “Our dedication to inventory puts us in a unique position to put portions of our equipment aside to help communities in need. Customers in all industries will certainly benefit from the new warehouse, but from now on, when flooding occurs in the northeastern U.S., we’ll be able to respond to it faster than ever before.”

Tsurumi’s satellite warehouse in Woburn gives it seven – two in Washington, two in California, one each in Texas and Florida. It also maintains an extensive inventory at its headquarters in Glendale Heights, Ill., and its western U.S. branch in West Jordan, Utah.

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