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TGM Wind’s Kardie Equipment Division Offers Bronto Skylift Units

TGM Wind’s Kardie Equipment Division Offers Bronto Skylift Units

TGM Wind Services, which has provided aerial lift services for the wind power industry since 2010, has launched Kardie Equipment as a rental division providing Bronto Skylifts for wind turbine maintenance and installation. With the launching of Kardie Equipment, the company intends to venture into industries such as oil and gas refineries and cell tower maintenance; cleaning, blade and composite repair; erosion remediation, and tower paint and rust remediation.

Kardie Equipment, based in Austin, Texas along with TGM Wind Services and features an inventory solely comprised of Bronto Skylift truck-mounted boomlifts going as high as 295 feet. The company currently has a fleet of 16 units ranging in height from 230 to 295 feet. The machines require special permits for transport, which the Kardie staff helps to facilitate. The company plans to expand into the 175- to 235-foot range of machines that will not require highway permitting.

Kardie Equipment is also expanding into the market of re-renting units to other rental companies

To read more about Kardie Equipment go to:

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