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Spider Installs Fiberglass Water Tank on 14th Floor

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, recently provided access for the installation of a new fiberglass water tank on a Los Angeles office building’s 14th floor landing.

Anderson Specialized Plumbing and Heritage Machinery Movers sought Spider’s expertise when faced with the challenge of hoisting the 860-pound, 11 ½-foot long, 5-foot diameter fiberglass tank from ground level over 200 feet in the air to rest in its new cradle. Spider delivered by equipping an existing davit system with two material hoists. The replacement tank was safely maneuvered around various structural obstacles including a parapet wall and a second floor outcropping with a 10-foot fence. The tank was gently set in place on the 14th floor landing.

Spider was on site by 7 a.m. and the new tank was ready to be plumbed just six hours later, minimizing the impact on the office building’s occupants. Spider’s solution saved the contractor several thousand dollars compared to other viable alternatives.

“After contemplating the challenges this project presented, fellow riggers said this job wasn’t possible,” said Mark Dunkel, owner of Heritage Machinery Movers. “But along came Spider with their innovative solution and dependable equipment. Because of their expertise we were able to safely accomplish the task everyone else thought was impossible.”

Headquartered in Seattle, Spider, a division of SafeWorks, is No. 70 on the RER 100.

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