A screen grab from SDLG39s new website
A screen grab from SDLG's new website.

SDLG Launches New Website Designed for Mobility

SDLG has launched a new North American website that will make it easier for dealers and customers to interact with the company. The new site is optimized for mobile devices and will present well on desktops, tablets and smartphones. It features a new, robust search function that makes finding information on the company’s products and dealers more convenient than before.

Other notable changes include an updated image gallery and news section, along with new case studies that illustrate how companies are using SDLG wheel loaders all over North America. The site’s dealer locator functions have been improved, with increased information on each dealer. The new site will be an ongoing project, with more features and functions added to it in coming months.

“Since launching in North America, a host of dealers and customers have come to equate SDLG with reliability, durability and value,” said Nick Tullo, North American sales manager. “This new website will make it easier for dealers and customers to learn about SDLG and its products, as it will play better on the devices they’re bringing with them to the jobsite.”

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