Result Group Releases New Research that Highlights Risks and Opportunities

Result Group last week released new research it said has established some of the main reasons rental companies are often reluctant to move forward to new software systems that can deliver better controls and increase productivity.

Many companies believe moving from old technology could generate real business risks, resulting in massive cost over-runs and loss of management focus on their core business.

The research also highlighted that, as an added complication, because of the problems of the last 12 months, rental companies are very reluctant to allocate capital expenditures and resources on a new system that could take years to implement.

The research also shows that many companies that previously purchased their equipment will prefer to rent rather than own over the next few years, to free up capital for more profitable investments, and this fundamental shift from owning to renting will generate new growth, Result Group said.

For more information on Result Group and its products visit and register for its e-brochure.

With U.S. Headquarters in Tempe, Ariz., Result Group partners with many of the world’s most successful rental and asset management companies, including Volvo Rents, CAT and Bechtel.

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