RER 100 Tops $15.4 Billion in Rental Volume

The RER 100 topped $15.4 billion, the highest-ever total rental volume for the listing of the 100 largest rental companies in North America based on rental volume. The size of the total listing increased by 10.4 percent compared with last year’s listing which totaled $13.967 billion.

Topping the listing once again is United Rentals, with a total rental volume of 4.196 billion, followed by Sunbelt Rentals with $1.843 billion, Hertz Equipment Rental Corp. with $1.307 billion, Home Depot Rental and BlueLine Rental. The remainder of the top 10 includes Aggreko North America, Ahern Rentals, H&E Equipment Services, Sunstate Equipment and Finning. The top 10 totals $9.928 billion, an 11.2-percent increase compared to the previous year’s top 10.

The complete RER 100 listing can be found here.

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