Point of Rental39s customer rewards app is now available
Point of Rental's customer rewards app is now available.

Point of Rental Launches Customer Rewards App

Point of Rental Software has introduced a customer rewards app in its 2016 update, enabling rental businesses around the world to manage a customer loyalty program.

Point of Rental said that a study by the American Rental Association shows that rental customers want loyalty programs and that developing a rewards program is one of ARA’s top five sales and marketing recommendations for rental center owners. According to the study up to 50 percent of professional rental customers – specifically contractors and event planners – base their rental company decisions on familiarity or customer service and that customer rewards programs help rental companies build that familiarity.

Point of Rental’s app allows rental stores to encourage regular customers and build brand loyalty, the software maker said. With this feature, a store owner can define the percentage of each type of income to reward the customer with.

When a customer rents an item, rewards will automatically accrue in their account based on the defined parameters. The rewards can then be used on future rentals. The app enables the company to set expiration dates, increasing the sense of immediacy about returning. Reward accrual and expiration are automatically handled by the system, which will notify the counter person when rewards are available to be applied to the current contract.

For a limited time, current Expert and Elite customers can contact Point of Rental’s sales team to enable their Customer Rewards feature for free. Customer Rewards will be available as an add-on for new customers.

Point of Rental staff will be demonstrating the new app at its Booth 3350 in Orlando.

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