Point-of-Rental and ECi RockSolid Provide Hardware-Rental Integration

Point-of-Rental and ECi RockSolid Provide Hardware-Rental Integration

ECi Software Solutions, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced the integration of its RockSolid business management system for hardware dealers with Point-of-Rental Software’s rental management system. The integration of these two key platforms will help streamline operations for customers who offer retail and rental inventory.

Rental transactions take place with payment and accounting processed within the RockSolid system while Point-of-Rental handles rental contracts, reservations, and returns, as well as:

  • Taking reservations with an integrated online store that updates inventory in real time;
  • Displaying current and future inventory availability;
  • Setting special pricing such as seasonal, holiday or weekend rates;
  • Scheduling rental inventory maintenance and tracking repair costs;
  • Defining kits, packages or suggested items;
  • Social sharing features;
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for important events;
  • Reporting and analysis;
  • Real-time updates of deliveries and pickups through Android and iOS apps;
  • E-mail and in-person electronic signature with tracking and verification.

“This integration is a win-win for stores whose primary business is retail but have rental inventory as well,” said Point-of-Rental Software CEO Wayne Harris. “Management of rental inventory requires an entirely different breed of software to operate smoothly, and we are pleased to merge best-in-class software to fit those needs.”

Brunswick True Value & Just Ask Rental of Brunswick, Ohio, was the first store to be installed with the integrated software.

“Having an integrated website with my rental catalog automatically uploaded makes it so much easier from a management standpoint,” said Brunswick True Value co-owner Patrick Miller. “We only have to manage one set of inventory and it automatically appears online with our pricing and availability. That alone saves me countless hours of data input and comes off in a very professional manner.”

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