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New RER 100 Tops $19 Billion in Rental Volume

New RER 100 Tops $19 Billion in Rental Volume

The 100 largest rental companies in North America topped $19.3 billion in rental volume in 2015, according to the brand new RER 100 released this week in the May edition of RER magazine, and published online at The total was a 9.2-percent increase compared to $17.7 billion in last year’s edition which covered 2014 revenue. The results showed a continued strong growth pace for the industry’s largest rental companies.

Although the oil-and-gas market clearly slowed down, having a particularly strong impact on rental companies operating directly in regions with significant oil-and-gas exploration and extraction, overall nonresidential construction continued strong as did the industrial rental market and most other equipment rental segments.

The top 10 of the RER 100 did very well for the most part, totaling almost $12.7 billion in rental volume, and increasing 10.4 percent compared to last year’s listing.

Almost 40 percent of the companies listed on the RER 100 posted double-digit rental volume growth. Almost 15 percent topped 20 percent and nearly 10 topped 30 or 40 percent. Several companies reported significant volume declines as well, partially balancing out the good news.

Still the good news clearly outweighed the bad and most of the RER 100 companies expressed optimism going forward. 

California did extremely well; Florida and Texas appeared solid, despite the oil industry difficulties in Texas. Most Canadian companies reported some difficult times with continuing major challenges for the immediate future. Several rental companies said they have started 2016 better than expected and the consensus was an optimistic expectation for the next couple of years, although caution seems to be outweighing dramatic expansion for most when it comes to expanding fleet.

Still, all signs point to the next RER 100 topping $20 billion in rental volume with plenty of room to spare.

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