NES Rentals Improves Customer Loyalty Record With Net Promoter Source

NES Rentals last week said its 12-month Net Promoter Score average is at an all-time high of 72 and trending higher for 2009. The metric has allowed NES Rentals to measure the progress of its customer service programs and integrate customer feedback into the company’s continuous improvement processes.

“It is extremely gratifying to know that the emphasis our company has placed on customer service and safety has been rewarded by a very satisfied and loyal customer base,” said Andrew Studdert, NES Rentals chairman and CEO. “We have worked to make exemplary customer service a hallmark of working with NES Rentals and our research shows that we are achieving that goal.”

The latest quarter’s NPS of 76 was the company’s best score since it implemented the program and was a 17 percent improvement compared with the previous year. NES Rentals’ scores have been as efficiently strong as companies such as Apple, Google and Barnes & Noble.

“In today’s economic climate, keeping customers satisfied will be a big indicator of who will and who won’t weather the storm,” added Studdert. “We believe we are well positioned to make it through this downturn and come out the other side with a devoted group of customers.”

NES has completed more than 15,000 customer surveys since implementing the program in March of 2007.

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