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Luby Equipment celebrating its 40year anniversary has construction power generation and oilfield divisions
Luby Equipment, celebrating its 40-year anniversary, has construction, power generation and oilfield divisions.

Luby Equipment Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Luby Equipment Services, based in Fenton, Mo., is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year as an equipment rental company and distributorship. Luby was originally founded as Machine Maintenance in 1974 to repair heavy industrial equipment. Carl Walchshauser and his team of technicians repaired and serviced the equipment in many of the factories throughout Missouri and Illinois. Today the company is owned by Bob Luby, also the president of the company, and has nine locations in four states.

Luby Equipment has three divisions that sell, rent and service equipment – contruction, oilfield and power generation.

“I joined Machine Maintenance in 1976 when we were awarded the Gardner Denver dealership for their industrial compressors,” said Luby. “We have gone through many evolutions of product offerings and markets, but the common thread throughout all these years has been our emphasis on excellent aftermarket service.”

The construction division has six locations in Missouri and Illinois and has grown through acquisitions and greenfield starts. The oilfield division, established when Luby represented Ingersoll Rand water well drills, down-the-hole hammers and bits, and high pressure compressors, has supported natural gas drilling activity around the country and now has three branches in Arkansas and West Virginia.

The power generation division was launched in 2005 when Luby Equipment Services was approached by a manufacturer of power generator products to represent its products. The company services customers throughout Missouri and Illinois.

Bob Luby’s sons Tim and Steve are part of the company’s senior management team.

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