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LoJack Announces 2006 Top Construction Equipment Recoveries

LoJack Corporation last week unveiled its annual wrap-up of the year's top recoveries involving stolen construction equipment that were equipped with the LoJack System. With construction theft climbing each year, LoJack offers construction equipment owners a radio frequency-based system recovery system that is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S.

"In the six years that LoJack has been tracking and recovering stolen construction equipment, we've seen that organized crime rings are often behind the theft. Many of this year's most compelling commercial equipment recoveries point to that fact, as well as highlight the use of identity theft and the arrest of fugitives and scam artists," said Richard Riley, LoJack's chairman and CEO. "We're proud that our solution was instrumental in not only these recoveries, but in helping fight the growing problem of construction equipment theft, a problem with a very high cost to construction companies in both lost equipment and business downtime."

I would just maybe say “One of LoJack’s most notable recoveries was…and pick one of the below. I don’t think they’re all needed. It seems kinda “PR” to me.

One of LoJack’s most notable recovers was the “Biggest Theft Ring Bust.” This major theft ring was discovered when Los Angeles Police Department/California Highway Police tracked down a LoJack-equipped Ingersoll-Rand skid steer. The recovery equaled more than $750,000 in construction equipment. This stolen equipment was being shipped overseas to Russia and Germany. Thus far, multiple suspects have been identified and the investigation is ongoing.
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