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Terex AWP product support staff checking out a Genie boomlift at United Rentals39 Beaumont Texas branch
Terex AWP product support staff checking out a Genie boomlift at United Rentals' Beaumont, Texas, branch.

Genie Sends Product Support Teams to Help Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Terex AWP has sent three teams of product support specialists to help customers recovering from the damage done from flooding following Hurricane Harvey. The teams will travel throughout Texas to work with customers to assess the condition of the Genie equipment in their rental fleets. Also to assist with recovery efforts, Terex AWP issues Water Damage Repair Checklists for Genie boomlifts, scissorlifts and telehandlers to all customers in the area.

“As the flood waters from Hurricane Harvey are receding, we are on the ground, helping customers get their fleet back up and running,” said Bob Bartley, Genie senior director of product support and service solutions. “We will go through the Water Damage Repair Checklists with our customers, helping them to identify items that need to be repaired or replaced on their Genie equipment. If any of the aerials in their fleets have been too severely damaged, we will also help them talk to their insurance providers about an equipment disposal and replacement plan.”

Bartley also said the product support teams are working closely with the company’s sales team in Texas to make sure Genie customers are assisted as quickly as possible. Bartley indicated that similar strategies will be used in Florida, once flooding from Hurricane Irma has diminished and it’s safe for the teams to be in the area.


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