Europe's Boels Rentals Buys 3,000 Skyjack Telematics-Equipped Scissorlifts

Europe's Boels Rentals Buys 3,000 Skyjack Telematics-Equipped Scissorlifts

Dutch international rental company Boels Rental has placed an order for 3,000 Skyjack machines, all of which will be equipped with Skyjack’s new Elevate solution, which the Canadian aerial work platform manufacturer introduced at the recent Rental Show in New Orleans. The system is powered by Trackunit.

“We were looking for solutions that not only benefit our customers but internally as well; we were looking for a method to better track utilization, remotely assist our customers and troubleshoot our machines,” said Guy Cremer, director fleet operations at Boels. “A key element of Skyjack’s Elevate is the provision of API communication so that we don’t have to reinvent our business processes and can have the system integrate into our existing ERP.”

Boels now has the ability to monitor and manage machines remotely, spot service requirements in advance, provide their customers with remote troubleshooting, battery pack management, and verification of the machine’s location.

“In developing Elevate we wanted to remove the barriers to adoption that have beset other telematics systems,” said Malcolm Early, vice president of marketing at Skyjack. “Leaving behind the inheritance of on-highway based systems and offering a true off-highway model with an appropriate cost structure was key. Previous telematics products have shown a low return on investment for smaller assets like DC scissors, which contributed to the previously low adoption rate. The fact that this order is applicable in large part to DC scissors shows that a whole fleet solution is now available and the name of the game.”

David Swan, product manager – technology for Skyjack added, “In a fast-moving environment with multiple customer touch points any fleet management system needs to go beyond just telematics, and so we developed mobile applications, Elevate ON and Elevate GO, which elevate safety, productivity and utilization for our rental company customers.”

To date, Skyjack’s Elevate solution currently has over 7,000 pre-launch units ordered and has already started delivering off-the-line products equipped with Elevate globally.

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