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Bobcat Employees Help Fight North Dakota Floods

Bobcat Employees Help Fight North Dakota Floods

Bobcat Co. employees went to work with manpower and equipment to try to prevent the potentially disastrous flooding of the Fargo-Moorhead, N.D., area. People in Fargo are working around the clock to fill more than 2 million sandbags and build extensive flood walls to protect the communities in anticipation of potentially record Red River flooding. Nearby communities of Bismarck and Gwinner, where Bobcat factories are located, have already been hit by overland flooding, washed-out roads and near-blizzard conditions.

More than 100 Bobcat employees have volunteered around the clock to help fill and place sandbags, build flood walls along waters’ edges, provide meals and answer phones at the volunteer center. Bobcat’s donation of more than two dozen machines and 40 volunteer operations has accelerated National Guard efforts to more efficiently fill a portable flood wall system throughout the city. Management at Bobcat recognized the need for volunteers, especially equipment operators, and encouraged all employees to leave their positions this week to help with protection efforts. Employees in Gwinner are operating equipment, participating in sandbagging, and providing food and support to community members in Bismarck, where the Missouri River has ice jams that have led to unexpected flooding in recent days. Employees are offering assistance to community members and neighbors in sandbagging and evacuation efforts along the river.

Bobcat dealers around North Dakota are also stepping up to help their communities by supplying equipment and resources for flood fighting.

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