Billy Goat Tabs PartSmart for Dealer Network

ARI ARIS, a provider of technology-enabled business solutions that helps dealers, distributors and manufactures in selected markets increase revenue and reduce costs, this week announced that Billy Goat Industries will provide its dealers with access to parts and service information with its PartSmart CD-based electronic parts catalogs.

Authorized dealers will be able to use PartSmart to look up parts and service information for Billy Goat’s complete line of commercial-grade debris, mowing and renovation equipment including finish mowers, wheeled blowers, aerators, debris loaders, power rakes, lawn and litter vacuums and walk-behind brush cutters.

“As a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade outdoor power equipment, we are committed to continuously look for ways to help our dealers improve their productivity and, as a result, their bottom line,” said Pierre Pereira, vice president of sales and marketing at Billy Goat. “We made the decision to make our parts information available on PartSmart because of ARI’s proven track record in the outdoor power industry. We’re confident that PartSmart will help our worldwide dealer network better serve their customers and increase sales and profits.”

PartSmart’s parts-lookup software is used by more than 50,000 customers worldwide, designed to provide more information with fewer keystrokes and mouse clicks. PartSmart interfaces with more than 90 dealer-management systems.

“ARI welcomes Billy Goat to the growing number of outdoor power manufacturers, including Ariens, Briggs & Stratton, Toro and Simplicity, using PartSmart to provide their dealer network with access to accurate, up-to-date parts and pricing information,” said Roy Olivier, president and CEO of ARI.

Billy Goat is based in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

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