Aggreko Helps Cool NASA Rocket Motor

Aggreko, global leader in rental power, cooling, heating and oil-free compressed air, announced this week it is working with Alliant Techsystems to test Development Motor-2, NASA’s second fully developed Ares five-segment solid rocket motor. Aggreko’s low-temperature chillers were used to execute the DM-2 “cold motor” test, supporting AT’s objective to meet NASA’s specification to cool the motor to 40-degrees F to measure solid rocket motor performance at low temperature and verify design requirements of new materials.

The temperature of DM-2 was controlled by the atmospheric conditions within the removable building housing the test motor. Aggreko process engineers and temperature control experts used specialized temporary utility equipment to cool the structure to target temperatures of 20-degrees F. Aggreko’s engineered solution for the cold motor test consisted of temporary generators to power the system of low temperature chillers, specially designed low temperature air handlers, a customized air-conditioning duct system and a suite of temperature control and electrical distribution equipment.

“This project was unique due to its many special requirements,” said Steven Bokoski, project manager for Aggreko Process Services. “Aggreko’s specialized, large-capacity portable equipment and skilled technicians were critical factors in successfully achieving freezing temperatures under challenging environmental conditions, such as hot summer temperatures, cooling 1.6 million pounds of propellant, and working with a movable structure.”

Based in Scotland, with U.S. headquarters in Houston, Aggreko North America is No. 9 on the RER 100.

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