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RER Spotlights: Generators/Welders

Doosan Portable Power

Doosan Portable Power offers four new models in its mobile generator line that are designed to meet Tier 4i emission standards — the G150, G190, G240 and G325 (pictured). The new analog control panel is enhanced with large, brightly lit meters for at-a-glance monitoring. The onboard engine diagnostic display panel now includes the controls and indicators required to operate and maintain the after-treatment regeneration system. A run/idle switch on the control unit ensures reduced engine wear during startup in extreme cold temperatures. All four models feature a Voltage Selector Switch for quick configuration for most common voltages. In addition, all new models have 500-hour service intervals.

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Victor Technologies

The Fabricator 211i welder from Victor Technologies is a fully integrated MIG-Stick-TIG inverter welding system that weighs 57.3 pounds and offers the flexibility of using either 115 or 208/230 VAC single-phase primary power, 50 or 60 hertz. It delivers a welding range of 5 to 150 amps on 115 VAC and 5 to 210 amps on 230 VAC. To switch voltages, the user must connect the 115V/20A power adapter “pigtail” supplied with the system.

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Miller Electric

Designed for use in construction, maintenance, pipe welding and general fabrication, the Big Blue 450 Duo CST is a dual-operator, diesel engine-driven welding generator that features two CST 280 Stick/TIG inverters and 12,000 watts of continuous three-phase power in a single unit. Powered by Mitsubishi's S4L2 4-cylinder diesel engine, the Big Blue 450 Duo CST provides increased productivity by allowing two welders to work off the same machine with two separate welding outputs. The Tier 4i-compliant machine operates at a low 1,800 rpm, which reduces fuel use and keeps noise levels up to 10dBa quieter than other models.

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Subaru offers the R1100, RGX2900, RGX3600 and RGX4800 (pictured) industrial generators. The largest in the series, the RGX4800 is powered by the 9-hp EX27 engine and provides a maximum output of 4,800 watts. Featuring a run time of 6 hours at the rated load, this model also incorporates an automatic idler control, a full power switch and twist lock receptacles. The 4800 is also offered in an electric start configuration. RGX models feature a capacitor system designed to keep output voltage in balance and prevent a decrease in power and surges. The system allows output voltage as high as 150 percent over rated power for up to 20 seconds, allowing for increased motor starting performance.

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Honda Power Equipment

Honda recently launched its all-new EB10000 Industrial Series generator, which offers a maximum output of 10,000 watts. Design features include a centralized exhaust mechanism and a newly developed alternator. The new Digital Auto Voltage Regulator functions to improve the output capability of the new model, holding the voltage stable within one percent over time during standard operation. In addition, the DAVR configuration has a built-in self diagnosis function to prevent abnormal voltage and engine speed from exceeding 4,140 rpm for longer than 3 seconds. Designed for low-noise, these new models operate at 72 decibels at 23 feet.

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Cummins Power Generation

Cummins Power Generation offers the C150D6R and C200D6R mobile generator sets certified to Tier 4i emissions levels. The new models, rated at 150 and 200kW capacity, respectively, are designed for rental and other mobile applications. Features include sound-attenuated enclosures for quiet operation; standard camlock distribution panel for easier/quicker cable connections; standard auxiliary fuel valves for external tank connection; and improved safety features like the three-position lockable voltage selector switch to prevent accidental actuation.

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Atlas Copco

The Atlas Copco QAS 45 portable generator features a Kubota Tier 4a diesel engine with Leroy Somer LSA model alternator delivering 35 kW of prime power. The QAS 45 generator includes a standard multi-voltage selector switch and QC1002 digital control system. The instrument panel enables all key operating functions to be managed without opening the canopy. A 70-gallon fuel tank allows for a 24-hour run time. Designed for extreme weather conditions, the QAS 45 portable generator features a Zincor steel enclosure and a spillage-free frame designed to protect the environment.

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Jenny Products

Jenny Products introduces two compressor/generator combination models, providing both portable air and a power source in one machine. The K11HGA-17P-3000W features Jenny's K pump, a heavy-duty, single-stage, cast-iron compressor pump. The unit is powered by an 11-hp Honda GX series OHV engine with electric start and produces 8.9 cfm at 100 psi, or 8.6 cfm at 125 psi for quick recovery. Featuring a G pump and a 13-hp, electric-start Honda GX engine, the G13HGA-17P-3000W delivers 16.2 cfm at 100 psi or 15.6 cfm at 125 psi. Each model includes a 3,000-watt 115V/230V generator.

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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson offers 11 portable generator models ranging from 2,500 to 6,600 watts and weights between 95 and 206 pounds. The models are also offered with electric start, wheel kits and the choice of Honda or Wacker Neuson engines. Other features include a rotating field alternator with automatic voltage regulation and separate excitation winding for dependable motor-starting ability. The alternators are sized to ensure cool winding temperatures and long life. Six models ranging from 3,800 to 6,600 watts feature a ground fault circuit interrupter system for all receptacles including 120V and 240V-twist locks.

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Mi-T-M offers three machines in one with the Mi-T-M air compressor/generator/welder combination unit designed for rental. The unit contains a 30-gallon two-stage air compressor with a splash-lubricated cast iron crankcase to extend the hours of performance; a 170-amp arc welder featuring control settings with a minimum/maximum switch for precise amperage selection; and a 5,000-watt generator, which supplies maximum power for hours of operation.

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Caterpillar introduces two new mobile diesel generator sets meeting Tier 4i emissions regulations. The XQ200, powered by the Cat C7.1 engine, is rated for prime operation at 182 kW; the XQ350 (pictured), powered by the Cat C13 engine, is rated for prime operation at 320 kW. Equipped with the new EMCP 4.2 control panel, both models feature a user-friendly interface and auto-configuration of key performance parameters when voltage or frequency changes are required. The system senses changes and adjusts the parameters for optimum performance. The units are in sound-attenuated containers, reducing noise while still maintaining the ambient and altitude performance at all ratings.

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Baldor Electric Co.

Baldor towable generators, which feature ultra-quiet sound-attenuated enclosures, are designed and engineered for industrial, commercial and rental applications that require quiet operation. The units are available from 25KVA/20kW to 500KVA/400kW, and can have either manual or automatic remote start, which is standard on all units. When interfaced with an automatic transfer switch, the unit becomes an emergency standby system.

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The Winco RP25 towable generator is designed and engineered for industrial, commercial and rental applications that require quiet operation and optimum performance and reliability. With an extra-quiet sound-attenuated enclosure, and state-of-the-art electronics and controls, the RP25 is engineered for rugged conditions, the maker says. The 4-position voltage selector switch provides true line-to-line and line-to-neutral voltage in each common voltage position, allowing the user to meet either 1- or 3-phase voltage requirements on site. The RP25 model can also be used with an automatic transfer switch for standby applications.

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MMD Equipment

MMD Equipment's Power Pro mobile generators are engineered to handle the most rugged requirements. Powered by Isuzu or Komatsu diesel engines, POWERPRO generators are EPA compliant and meet CARB certification. The generators utilize Delta Demand Excitation technology designed to respond immediately under variable loads. Quietech sound reduction makes them quiet enough to provide power for special events. Additional features include electric fuel primer; an air-bleed pump; automatic shutdowns; restriction indicators; external fluid drains; 110-percent containment; sound attenuated, sealed weather enclosures; and stainless-steel hardware.

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The new MQ Power Tier 4i generators are equipped with a diesel particulate filter to trap particulate matter, or soot, from the diesel engine exhaust, making them emissions compliant. The self-cleaning design uses a regeneration process, manual or automatic, to burn off accumulated soot once it reaches its factory-set limit. The manual option allows the operator to select the best time to begin regeneration. Visual indicators and diagnostic troubleshooting are provided in the control panel to alert the operator. The control panel is equipped with both analog and digital controls. Analog displays provide quick readings of key performance areas such as oil pressure, water temperature, battery charging, fuel level and engine rpm, while digital displays provide clear readouts of engine and DPF performance.

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