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Generators provide affordable solutions to powering lights, air conditioners, home office equipment, security systems, well pumps, furnaces, refrigerators, computers and other appliances, making sure they are running when you need them. Maintaining your generator inventory is easy if you follow a few simple steps, and with proper maintenance you can ensure that your generators will provide efficient, reliable power to your customers for years to come.


  • Check the oil level with every fill up.

  • Change the oil after 50 hours of operation, or every season.

  • Replace air cleaner after 50 hours of operation, or every season.

  • Replace spark plug after 100 hours of operation, or every season.

  • Replace inline fuel filter, if equipped, after 100 hours of operation, or every season.


  • Always run your generator outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

  • Maintain your generator engine according to the maintenance schedule for peak performance and safety.

  • Do not operate the engine near combustible materials.

  • Place generator on level ground to operate.

  • Keep gas fresh. If you do not plan to use the generator for a while, stabilize the gas with a gas stabilizer.

  • When using extension cords, be sure they are heavy-duty outdoor rated cords, they're grounded and are a sufficient wire gauge for the appliance load.

  • Never operate a generator at maximum output for more than 30 minutes.

  • Never plug your generator directly into your house circuit.

  • Protect your generator from exposure to rain and snow. Operate generator under a canopy, open shed or carport.

  • If connecting a generator into your home electrical system, have a qualified electrician install a power transfer system.

Information provided by Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power, Milwaukee, Wis.

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