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Product of the Week - John Deere G-Series excavator lineup

Product of the Week - John Deere G-Series excavator lineup

John Deere upgrades its G-Series excavator lineup with the 30G compact excavator. The 30G inhabits the popular three to four metric ton size class of compact excavators. It also updates the 27D with similar, albeit improved operation specifications and features, such as a 22 percent increase in bucket force (compared to 27D), an 11 percent increase in arm force (compared to 27D and 26G), a 17 percent increase in net engine horsepower (compared to 26G) without the use of aftertreatment, a 16 percent increase in auxiliary hydraulic flow (compared to 27D) and a 32 percent increase compared to 26G, and nine-foot, two-inch dig depth, which is an eight-inch increase (compared to 27D and 26G).

To provide better return on investment and higher utilization, the 30G will utilize 27D/26G buckets and attachments that customers may already be using in their fleet.

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