Easy Serviceability and Maintenance Enhance Compact Excavator

Kobelco Construction Machinery America introduces the 17SR Acera zero-tail-swing compact excavator. The 17SR features a 15.2-hp, three-cylinder, Tier 4-certified diesel engine, a bucket breakout force of 2,900 foot-pounds and an arm-crowding force of 2,158 foot-pounds, which is an 11-percent increase in total arm and breakout forces. The machine also offers a 10-percent increase in swing torque for a total of 310 foot-pounds and a 7.5-percent increase in draw bar pull force.

The excavator also features Kobelco's Smart Hydraulic system fueled by three pumps that ensure maximum power for simultaneous lifting, swinging and travel operations as well as controllability for fine grading.

“The rugged 1.8-ton compact excavator with expandable undercarriage is easy to operate and easy to service, which makes it ideal for rental yards,” says Edgar Chavez, director of marketing for Kobelco Construction. “It also features an ample cab for easy egress, ease of use, serviceability and comfort. The expandable and retractable undercarriage allows the machine to go through yard gates and confined spaces. Once the undercarriage is expanded it gives the machines more stability by enhancing the performance and lifting capacities.”

The 17SR has a maximum operating weight of 3,638 pounds and a maximum digging depth of 7 feet, 1 inch. The bucket capacity is 0.88 to 1.55 cubic feet. It also features easy access to the engine compartment, hydraulics and all-routine maintenance checks from the ground, which saves time on daily maintenance checks.

Verified by Edgar Chavez, director of marketing for Kobelco Construction.
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Vital Stats

Engine power: 15.2 hp

Bucket breakout force: 2,900 foot-pounds

Operating weight: 3,638 pounds

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