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Single-cylinder engines

Single-cylinder engines

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power introduced four Vanguard single-cylinder engines in 2010 with gross horsepower ratings ranging from 5.5 hp to 10.0 hp. The engines feature an integrated switch that simultaneously shuts off the ignition and the fuel during transport when engines are subjected to vibration, which can cause fuel to flow through the engine and into the oil. Fuel in the oil drastically reduces viscosity, resulting in more friction, increased wear and shorter engine life. The TransportGuard system, ensures that fuel stays where it belongs and helps eliminate fouled plugs, hydraulic lock, cylinder wash down and crankcase oil dilution caused by transportation. In addition to solving oil dilution issues, engineers designed each component and integrated technology to efficiently work together to raise durability and reliability standards. An all-metal fuel tank reduces emissions, saves fuel and is mounted directly to the engine block. The air filter is water-repellant and protected by a full metal cage; features include an innovative triple-seal design to dramatically decrease dirt, dust and debris intake and a large sediment filter enables that sediment collected in clear bowl to drain through a “no-tools” valve.

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