Product of the Week - Kohler KDI Power Unit

Product of the Week - Kohler KDI Power Unit

Specifically developed by Kohler Engines for the power generation market, KDI Diesel engines recently expanded with the addition of a new 3.4-litre model to the range.

Kohler Engines have engineered a complete line for the low- and medium-power generator sector, covering a range of 20 to 60 KVA at 50 HZ (1500 rpm) and 20 to 70 KVA at 60 HZ (1800 rpm), respectively.

The engines in this line use a direct mechanical injection system. This is true for both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines and replaces the traditional architecture, which used a pre-chamber. This is still a prevalent option in this market segment, in particular for the lower power ratings. This choice, together with the four valves per cylinder, is designed to surpass emissions regulations, offering better, cleaner and more efficient combustion with lower fuel consumption, according to the OEM.

Kohler says the high power density achievable using this architecture allows KDI engines to obtain the same power outputs while using smaller displacements. The more efficient combustion also decreases the heat released by the engine, meaning lower cooling requirements. This allows the radiator and fan size to be reduced permitting the engine to be installed in even smaller units.

The design used by the Kohler Engines Power Unit range, combined with a more rigid engine block and optimized internal components, has also brought about significant reductions to operating noise, Kohler says.

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