New Engine Coupled With Products Produces More Power

Wacker announces a new premium line of Wacker engine-powered plates and pumps. The company combines Wacker's products with a new line of state-of-the-art 4-cycle engines.

The initial offering features Wacker's WP plate series and 2-inch and 3-inch PT trash pumps. With the engines and their advanced automotive technology, the products deliver improved performance, longer life, quieter operation and lower operating costs.

“Wacker has positioned itself in the industry as a leader in light construction equipment product design as well as customer support,” says Dave Christifulli, vice president of sales and product support. “We have responded to customers' needs by developing a value package. Both the product and engine are supported 100 percent by Wacker.”

The engines incorporate state-of-the-art technology including chain drive overhead cam design. The exclusive, casehardened steel, chain-driven overhead cam provides reliability and long engine life. The high efficiency pent-roof combustion chamber increases horsepower and torque, and the advanced automatic decompression system permits fast, easy starts with no kickback.

Other features include heavy-duty piston rings, dual crankshaft ball bearings, cast iron cylinder sleeve and forged rocker arms. The super-duty air filtration system ensures clean air to the engine in even the dustiest conditions. Chain drive and other patented lubrication design improvements provide significantly improved oil lubrication reducing engine wear.

Verified by Dave Christifulli, vice president of sales and product support.
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Engine: 6 or 9 hp
Recoil pulling force: 30 to 40 percent less
Overhead cam: Chain driven

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