Mulcher and Attachment Make Quick Work of Forestry Applications

Mulcher and Attachment Make Quick Work of Forestry Applications

The Rayco C100 Super Crawler is a forestry mulcher that also offers an attached Predator PM638 mulching head. The PM638 features 38 fixed teeth and can tear through a 6-foot path in the woods. The steel-tracked C100 is powered by a 99.2-hp Kubota turbo diesel engine.

The C100 features Rayco's Super Flow, which is a closed loop, hydraulic system that produces 39 gpm at 5,500 psi, and features a forestry cooling package to extend service intervals and keep operators running longer, even in demanding field conditions.

“The machine is much more than a skid steer with a mulcher attachment,” says J. R. Bowling, vice president for Rayco Mfg. “The C100 with a Predator mulcher is not only guarded like a forestry machine, it also has heavy-duty steel tracks and a patent-pending cooling system for the engine and a hydraulic system. The machine offers a design that helps prevent material buildup in the engine compartment to reduce the risk of fire, as well as a heavy-duty hydraulics system designed to operate the mulcher head under continuous duty every day.”
Verified by J. R. Bowling, vice president of Rayco Mfg.
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Vital Stats

Overall weight (including winch and mulcher): 14,190 pounds

Cutting width: 71.5 inches

Ground pressure with mower: 5.5 psi

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